Pro MMA Fighter Gives You 'MMA Starter's Guide'

Ever pondered at giving MMA a go? Why wait? It is an amazing sport which will give you self belief and confidence. It is also fascinating in regards to how much there is to learn in each discipline. It will leave you scratching your head at the fact that there are not enough hours in the week let alone the day to get everything in that you need to train. So what does it really take?

You need to be training all areas of martial arts to compete at any level of MMA whether it is amateur/semi pro or even pro these days! Long Gone are the days of being primarily one discipline! The image that comes in to my mind is the boxer in the early UFC that comes out with one boxing glove on and gets taken down and choked out instantly! Also Randy Cotoure in his bout with James Toney the same thing happened there Toney was like a fish out of water!
Those are prime examples as to why you should be training in jit jitsu, boxing, wrestling, muay Thai and kick boxing and then mixing it up with MMA sparring to put it all together! I believe in being the jack of all trades and king of none! Doing this will make you a well rounded fighter and quite possibly the king of MMA!
Also in this sport strength and conditioning is vital! With your strength you should be covering the compound lifts such as the bench press, military press, deadlifts, squats and Olympic lifts! You should also throw in some kettlebells, pullups, plyometrics and a lot of core work! Don’t bother doing any hypertrophy/bodybuilding at all because beach muscles don't win fights! Stick to the weights I mentioned and you won't go far wrong!
Remember conditioning is vital, you can be as strong like but if you haven't got the cardiovascular endurance to get you through the rounds your strength means nothing so don't neglect it! Things I like to use for cardio are sprints, burppees, punch out drills and jumping rope! Use these in a circuit and you will reap the rewards, it just takes hard work and determination!
Training in this sport is demanding and challenging on your body and mind! Good nutrition is a must in order to train so hard, you can't be eating crap! It's like giving an F1 car red diesel, it's not going to work, you need to give your body the right food to grow and recover! You should be eating things like brown pasta, brown rice, meats, fish, lots of green veg and fruit! Stay away from processed foods. You also want plenty of water through out the day to stay hydrated; dehydration kills performance and focus! In regards to nutrition, it is imperative you use a range of quality supplements to help with your recovery. In my opinion you need a good protein, L-Glutamine, Creatine, BCAAs and something to help you sleep well!

To be the best you can be you should be challenging your self and seeking out good quality gyms and sparring partners. If you’re the best in your class and are tapping everyone ‘willy nilly’ your a big fish in a small pond! To better yourself you need to be challenged and tapped out your self, you must train with better people than yourself to evolve! Even if that means travelling! I always get my self off to Thailand, Holland or Croatia to get some good quality striking in, it's a must!
If it's not possible to travel try the ‘no ego’ method of training. If you’re grappling put your self in all the bad positions and work your way out, keep evolving! So what are you waiting for? Get training!

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