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Good morning Fitmag readers. My name is Adam Campbell. I am a new writer on fitmag and thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself and let you know a bit about me.

I will start with the basics. I am 21 years old, 6 foot 4 and my main interest in life is weight training. I have been training in the gym for 8 years and have done almost every form of weight training imaginable. My philosophy is to try everything in order to see what works best for you. Don't just do what you see the big guys doing as it may not be what works best for you. As well as weight training I have also done many forms of martial arts and have boxed on and off for a few years.

I feel over the last 8 years I have made a massive difference to my appearance. In my case its the good old cliche of "I was the skinny kid in school". This was actually the case and I always aspired to be big and strong. My main influence was my grandfather who was (and still is) heavily involved in weight training. When i turned 14 he took me to the gym and showed me the ropes. Over the next few years i transformed my body from this:

to this:

I gained 6 stone of muscle. I am a natural ectomorph (tall and thin) so gaining weight is often hard. I know there are a lot of "hardgainers" out there so I may be able to offer some help.

After a few years of training and dieting with what i would describe as "limited knowledge" I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime. I managed to get a job at monster supplements. This opened up the doorway for me to gain vast amounts of knowledge about training, diet and supplementation. I learned everything there was to know about supplements and how to use them effectively as part of your training lifestyle. I worked for monster supplements for nearly 3 years before moving to london to train to be a gym instructor and personal trainer. I hope to use the knowledge I have gained over the years from my time at monster supplements and from my own personal training to help any fitmag readers in achieving their goals.

My training plan for the next 12 weeks can be seen HERE. I will video each of my workouts so that you can see what I am doing as well as read about it. I feel that will be very beneficial to anyone wanting to perhaps do a similar routine.

So please look out for my articles and videos. If anyone has any questions please feel free to e-mail me on adam@monstersupplements.com

Thank you for reading,


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