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There is research which says crunches are not a good exercise and they are not the best way to achieve a six pack. Personally, I don’t agree! I think sit ups and crunches are great exercises and help you develop rock hard abs. Of course it is important to strengthen the deep core muscles as well but my opinion is that the best stabilisation exercise for your core is when you are squatting heavy...I don’t know of any other exercise where I need to squeeze my whole core like hell to be able to lift the heavy weight. I never use a belt because without it I need to use my core and it is getting stronger and stronger.  However, if we are just talking about the core exercises which are designed to help you get that 6 pack, I would suggest you do a lot of various crunches using different angles and weights. After doing this for a while you should really see the difference.

Personally, I do hundreds of crunches and sit ups every other day because I am just so used to doing them and I feel the difference if I haven’t done any for a week. When I was young and used to do gymnastics, dance and athletics we would do a lot of sit ups and press ups which made me really strong.  Since my childhood I have always had a six pack and that is because I have done maybe one million sit ups in my life!!!

Below is my own abs circuit -

Every other day I do my favorite abs circuit which I can’t live without!  There are four abs exercises I do back to back without any rest and I repeat the whole circuit three to four times.

  1. Bench V-sit
  2. Hanging leg raise
  3. Gym ball crunch
  4. Russian twist

Or sometimes I might do

  1. feet up crunch
  2. gym ball jackknife
  3. Kneeling cable crunch
  4. oblique crunch


Crunches, V-sit, hanging leg raise and jackknife I normally do 12-15 repetitions and kneeling cable crunch with quite heavy weight 10 repetitions. When I do the Russian twist with weight I do 20 repetitions equaling 10 per side.

So my advice for rock hard abs is to lift heavy and to work your abdominals using different angles and doing many repetitions in total.  Do the abs circuit at least three times a week keep training and eating well and you should definitely have a nice six pack soon!!!

This goes without saying, your diet needs to be perfect if you want to get and stay lean. In my experience it is also very important to use fat loss supplements to keep your metabolism fast to help keep that definition on show. Below are my favorite fat loss supplements to help you get a six pack.

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