Gaining Stacks Of Muscle As A Beginner!

Maybe you have had enough of being skinny this summer and you have decided 2011 is the year you are going to strap slabs of muscle on to every surface of your body! This was the kind of feeling I experienced back in 2006 when I wanted to be the ‘big chiselled’ guy in the gym! For sure, 5 years later on I still have a long journey ahead of me before I finally fulfil that dream I dreamt back then. However, when I started there were certain things I did and used to give me a head start and for anybody else considering going from ‘zero to hero’ I suggest you do the same.

Going from eating like ‘average Joe’ to Hulk in a day doesn’t half give your body a shock! The very first time you start to eat as if you are deadly serious about amassing mountains of muscle your rate of growth can be phenomenal! Never before have your muscles enjoyed such a feeding frenzy, being spilt with high quality proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Not only this, but your natural hormone levels can become spiked leading to better nutrient assimilation which is partly why beginners make very rapid gains. For example, in my first year of training I gained in excess of 14lbs of quality muscle mass as where now I probably gain between 3-6lbs per year because by body is used to eating this way, training this way and the overall lifestyle. This is why for you muscle virgins I strongly advise you nail your first 12 weeks of eating and training! Never again will you enjoy such a response from your training therefore milk it and help build yourself a solid foundation for future growth! To get an idea of what you should be eating below is a great link!

Training hard comes second to eating well, it always has an always will. Training is something you do in order to make the food in your body work the way you want it to, not the other way around. Nevertheless training your arse off is completely necessary if you want results which will prompt others to admire and question you about your recent evolution! To get an idea about intensity be sure to follow ‘Adam Gethin’s 12 week transformation’ video series and look at the training plan via the link below.

Now you are probably beginning to see the picture. The picture which clearly displays for a beginner the opportunity for growth is HUGE! Every step you take can make a massive difference therefore why not do everything you can possible to grow some more? Supplements work wonderfully if you are eating correct, a diet like the link above shows is ideal. However, if a beginner eats correctly AND uses supplements the results can be staggering! For your average male beginner you want quality calories, strength buggering ingredients, recovery promoting elements and of course masses of protein. Natural hormone boosting supplements are also fantastic, especially for those of you men who are over 25! USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic and USN 19-Anabol Testo do exactly this, providing all of the necessary ingredients for a beginner to supercharge their gains and add new dimensions to their physique.

Even for a beginner it doesn’t take 5 minutes to learn on the net and through muscle magazines that USN are one of the leading supplement brands in the industry. Therefore you know these products will work and work well!!! USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic is a high grade mass gaining formula which contains a bulk inducing 50g of protein, an energising 78g of carbohydrates as well as a mass attack creatine stack! There are also vitamins, minerals, BCAAs and amino acids which are vital ingredients in your quest to building a house of muscle! To top it all of USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic also contains a natural testosterone and growth hormone secretion component which will greatly enhance muscle growth, recovery as well as strength levels! This really is an ideal ‘all in one’ mass gaining meal replacement, especially for beginners. However, don’t limit yourself there because this is a supplement which will greatly compliment any power athlete such as a rugby player, sprinter or power lifter to name a few! To really add some spice to your mass gaining plan and to help yourself gain those extra few ridges of muscle USN 19-Anabol Testo offers a lot! With a testosterone boosting matrix as complex as the fastening to your partner’s bras strap, these ingredients are sure to make you as anabolic as Popeye on horse steroids with extra strong spinach!!! Don’t panic that was simply an obscure description to make a very valid point, the reality is this supplement will offer you a natural means to stimulate your hormones which will enable you to make rapid gains in muscle mass! Tell me you don’t like the sound of that! Yet we are not finished because the best bit is still to come! Until the end of august you can get the latter supplement for FREE with USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic, YES, FREE! To take advantage of this very generous offer simply follow the link below!

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