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Just over 2 years ago Joe Binley, CEO of Anabolic Designs began a journey he had craved to do so for so long. Today FitMag drills down into the mind which created Anabolic Designs which is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing supplement brands at the moment! Obviously there is a reason everyone is hopping on the Anabolic Designs ‘band wagon’ and that is because their products get results. On a personal level I can vouch for the quality of this brand having enjoyed some great results with a range of their products. This is your chance to learn about the foundations of this innovative brand and more specifically, the Granite Pro Test Cycle which has taken the industry by thunder storm! Let’s get to it!


Joe can you tell us what inspired you to begin anabolic designs?

This was a desire of mine for years! I wanted to build a brand known for quality and innovation, for years I was a supplement anorak I knew every supplement, every gram of protein and carbohydrate, and the more I got involved the less innovation I was seeing and the copycat mentality was prevalent. I wanted to buck the trend, I have trained for years and found that many ingredients work in synergy yet these are not delivered by companies, more concerned with margin than their consumer. This may end up being 3-4 products to do one job. This to be blunt just used to annoy the hell out of me because people only have a certain level of disposable income so why not help them by delivering a quality product rather than 3-4 standard ones?

What is the main mission of the brand in terms the products you offer?

Simple, quality and innovative products! Daily scouring and research on latest testing results and raw materials advancements from all over the world are part of what I do. I want the brand to have the best quality and latest cutting edge ingredients, I use all the line and I DON'T compromise on what goes in and I demand the best and so do my athletes! One thing that will never happen is compromising on quality because that’s criminal to me in this industry.

How do you come up with such unique formulas?

I conduct lots of research first, always starting out with a unique niche and the product which I think will be useful and then build around it. We also have a team in the USA that can be called on to tweak milligramages for some of the lesser components. It’s not a simple process or a short one but i have a system that works and allows me to make products that I’m happy with and I always live by the ‘acid test’ if I like them and can feel them working then others will!

Bullk and Tauro-Test has taken the Market by storm, what would you say to athletes who haven't used them yet?

They don’t know what they are missing, this is the cornerstone of the brand, I have huge pride in this stack and I honestly believe you can’t beat it!! The results vary as you can use it to add serious mass and strength or to improve performance when dieting. If you want to enhance your physique naturally look no further; it’s that simple I have 100 percent confidence that no other brand can deliver a stack that come close anywhere in the world to this.

Who do these 2 products suit best?

As mentioned the beauty is they suit anyone and everyone. If you're dieting people experience faster fat loss, improved performance and muscle hardness and retention. Offseason this is particularly good as your strength and rate of recovery are hugely increased because your protein synthesis levels are through the roof! This means you are utilizing more protein, retaining more nitrogen within the muscle cells and in an anabolic (muscle building) state for longer.

Fighters, rugby players, football players, powerlifters have all used the stack and improved performance so if anyone wants to improve either aesthetics or performance the Granite Mass Stack is a great place to start; we don’t make crazy promises as nutrition is vital but we do offer free advice on diet and usage on the Anabolic Designs Facebook page and we have had people gain 12 lbs. in 3 weeks....whatever the goal this should be part of the solution.

For our August promotion we are offering Bullk with Ravenous at a highly discounted price, what can people expect from this stack?

Ravenous is a unique product which was designed to help athelets from all backgrounds get on top of their nutrition. So often people struggle to eat the right foods and more importantly enough of it. Ravenous contains a system which helps drive your appetite up as well as your rate of protein synthesis. To get the best results from Bullk you really want to get your protein intake up, shooting for 2g per pound of body weight which alot of people may struggle with. This is why Ravenous is such a great product to use alongside Bullk because it will help increase your appetite to a level where you will feel comfortable eating this volume of food!

Following that short interview with Joe you should have a very clear understanding of what the brand is all about and how their products can help you. As you scan the you will notice Anabolic Designs mentioned everywhere due to the fact that people are making significant gains which they had only been able to dream of before. By following the link below you can take advantage of our Anabolic Designs August promotion, enjoy!

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