Excuses, excuses.....

I am by no means perfect! I never profess to be. But I want to be the best and do the best I can. I want to bring something to your attention that shouldn't surprise you but hopefully brings a little realisation....

Ask yourself, how many excuses do you make a day.....? How many times have you passed the blame onto something or someone else....?

Over years of training myself and other people I have learnt that when it comes to your results, it all comes down to your own actions. You being responsible for your own behaviour in order to attain your goals.

I've heard every excuse under the sun for not following the diet or the training so don't believe your excuse is original!! It's all been heard before....

So what do I mean....? Here are few regular ones....

'Someone always brings cakes and biscuits into the office....!'

There does seem to be this strange concept of the office feeder who seems to keep bringing in tempting sweet treats like a primary school kid would on their birthday. (Popularity contest maybe...?)

Well, did they force it down your throat...? Is it part of your contract that you have to lose all self-control and force feed yourself M&S chocolate crispy squares....? I don't think so. Sure, they are lovely. But why the panic? The world will not run out of M&S chocolate crispy squares. It's not your last chance to stuff yourself silly, feel sick, followed by feeling guilty and then vowing to never eat again. Remember what you want to achieve, take the higher ground and wait for your weekly cheat meal to really enjoy something that you love (please note that a cheat meal is not a daily occurrence! Nor is it eating an entire chocolate cake for a starter profiteroles for lunch and then a whole cheesecake for dessert....!)

'I was just too busy...'

Oh ok....what did you manage to do today that didn't need to be done? (Busy people still manage to update their Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin status.....) Could it be you just didn't plan your day well enough....? Y'know the good old word, prioritise...!

Think about it. Then answer. COULD you have prepped food at home? COULD you have stopped via Tesco on the way to work? COULD you have sacrificed your status update till you got home to eat a sandwich? I know very successful athletes, figure competitors and bodybuilders who have full time jobs, kids and a training and diet plan to stick to. They have to piece their lives together just like you do. What is the difference between you and them? Preparation and execution (no, not holding your kids up at gun point....) following through with a plan and making it happen.

‘I had no time to eat!’

I try to lead by example and its taken time to establish will power, a routine and a defiant attitude to achieve what I set out to achieve. Have you heard of bringing food to work so you're never stuck with nothing to eat? Or heard of a protein shake? I don't live in a bubble; I know there are those of you with stressful jobs and high workloads. But for some reason the smokers always seem to get a dozen fags smoked a day so why can't you have an opportunity to eat? I've worked in an office environment where I learnt to stand up for myself and say 'look I'll work through lunch but I just need 5minutes to eat this banana and drink this protein shake and I'm right back with you, without fainting from hunger.'

You do not have to be someone else's puppet. Seriously, stop blaming everyone else for your failures. When you look at it honestly, it’s only you that can really be responsible.

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