Craig's Road To Recovery - A Warrior's Story!

The date was 20.02.2010 it was my birthday. I was out with my wife walking the dog when I slipped on a pavement which was covered in black ice. I landed on my left side and I felt a pain like I have never felt before, I tried to get to my feet three times before I realised I had done some serious damage. The paramedics were called and off to hospital I went. Every boys dream when they are three years old with the lights flashing bit it certainly was not my dream. On arrival I was X-rayed and I was told the worse news possible I had broken the neck of the femur (top of the hip) a one in a million chance of someone my age I was told. I was operated on which consisted of a pins and a plate to hold it in place. There was a time in the operation where they nearly gave up and replaced my hip. Thankfully this did not happen which I was very grateful for. After the operation the pain was unbearable at times and I was told by the surgeon my training days were over. This was devastating news for me as I have been lifting weights since my teens.

Recently I had begun to take it seriously and now it was all over. I was sent home with exercises and told to go easy as pushing it would not help my recovery. I have always known how far to push myself, so I ignored that advice to some degree. I spent the next nine weeks doing exercises and some of my own I thought up and I joined a gym with a pool. I swam nearly everyday and walked up and down the pool hundreds of times. After a month I returned to the weights where I used machines but only for my upper body. I was also sent to Hydrotherapy twice a week this was really good but after four weeks I was told there was no point in me going as I could complete the exercises with ease. I was then told to start training my legs with weights which scared me to death. At the time I was convinced what the surgeon said, ‘’it was all over’’ was true. Nevertheless I continued on and started with leg extensions however these were excruciating beyond words. At this time I still could not walk without crutches and I was starting to have doubts again.

After 10 weeks I swallowed my pride and bought a walking stick which was awesome! To my surprise I could walk quite well but my leg got tired quickly. At this point I returned to work on night duties which was very frightening as I was convinced I was going to fall again and do further damage. It’s amazing how quickly your confidence can be taken away. Slowly but surely it did return week by week.

It took a further 5 months to walk unaided, but my hip got tired very quickly again. In the gym I started a new routine where I hit every muscle in my body, something I had never done before and I began to get stronger everywhere. My legs were not really progressing at this time and I was still doing swimming and leg extensions.

Late 2010 I entered the Fit Forum ‘Fat to Fit Challenge’. This was a real turning point for me being part of a forum where everyone had some struggle or injury. The advice and support from everyone gave me a new lease of life and general focus. I completed the 10 week challenge and got into reasonable shape but lost lots of muscle due to lack of knowledge. Just a week before the comp ended I pulled my back in the gym and had to be taken to hospital again, the second time in eight months, my luck is unreal!!!


Pretty soon I got discharged and took it steady but kept my diet 100% and achieved great results considering I was told training was over for me. From here I continued to make good progress and eventually walking without a stick became a reality once again. It had been so long even though I did not give up; I had thought it might be for good. As always I continued logging onto the Fit Forum where the support and knowledge was second to none and without their support and help I don’t know if I would have got through it as well as I did.

Earlier this year I completed the ‘Fat to Fit’ challenge and with help from Matt Wild aka (Papa) where I got into the best shape of my life and I thank him very much. With things going so well I started my lean bulk when my Dad got diagnosed with prostrate cancer, obviously this was a huge blow to my family. My diet and training went out of control I could not believe it. Right away I stopped logging onto the forum and things were not good at this point. After the operation my Dad made awesome progress and I started logging onto the forum again where everyone was really supportive like always. From here I got back into training and my diet is good once again.

Soon, I am due to go away on holiday and on my return I am meeting up with Neil Hill who is going to sort me out a programme to help me build muscle mass! My legs are a particular target for me as the goal is in 24 months I want to stand on stage. Thank you for reading my story and no matter what life throws at you never give up!!! Training and the support of the forum has got me through so much, thank you once again to you all for your continued support.



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