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As you know protein is one of the ‘king pins’ of any athlete’s diet and that includes you my friend! There is no getting away; you need to know your meats and the benefits each of them can offer you. Right now I wanted to outline to you the importance of beef as in cow, and the 4 top reasons I believe you need to have beef as your evening meal everyday if you are serious about adding a few extra kilos of muscle meat on to your skeleton!

Fats –

You needn’t worry about the possibility of turning into a right ‘pudding’ by having a serving of beef in the evening. The ‘F’ word has become such an offensive choice from our dictionary yet it shouldn’t be! Fats are in fact healthy, it is only saturated fats which you need to limit, however a small dose of these is good for you because they help keep your natural testosterone levels elevated! Increasing your testosterone count hours before bed is great because this is when you recover and grow the best! Natural occurring fats in beef also help keep you feeling full for longer which is good because after a workout I find it hard to stop eating! This is why you need beef in the evening! A great value option for beef is Tesco ‘Healthy Living’ Minced beef which has just 3.5g of saturated fat per 125g which isn’t too bad at all.

Creatine –

For every 1KG of beef you eat there is approximately 5g of creatine which is regarded as one ‘dose’! Considering you will be eating anywhere between 150-300g of lean beef post-workout, throughout the week you can see this adds up to a decent helping of creatine. This certainly doesn’t substitute supplementing your creatine, however every little helps! As you know, to get your creatine game together you need MST Cre-O2 and a beef meal every evening!


Minerals –

Beef is a very good source of iron, zinc, and calcium! Like the dentist told you at 5 years old, Calcium is great for your bones and teeth, but what they didn’t tell you is that Calcium is also great for promoting optimum muscular contractions. Maybe they didn’t think a 5 year old would be interested in this perhaps? Zinc is great because it can promote protein synthesis equating to better muscle repair and muscle growth! It also promotes healthy cholesterol levels and liver detoxification. Iron is also essential for you as an athlete to ensure your energy levels stay high and to promote better protein metabolisation and a healthy immune system. To further your mineral intake be sure to try USN Multiplex Vitamin & Mineral Complex which is a market leading multi-mineral and vitamin supplement!


Diversity –

Beef is one of the most diverse meets which is why I also feel it is a very valuable meat! You can have a steak with baked potato, minced beef with pasta, with rice, chilli on a baked potato or even a brown bun steak burger with low fat melted cheddar cheese! When you are mass gaining it is vital you don’t miss a meal, enjoying your meals will certainly limit the chances of this from happening.

Now you have got the scoop on beef get down to Tesco and pick up your Healthy Living packs of cow. With the goal being set to pile on muscle mass, there really is no excuse not to have beef in your diet!

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