August 'Writer Of The Month'

Pinch, punch it is the first day of the month! Sorry for the some what immature introduction but it was meant to point out the fact that it is indeed the beginning of September! What does this mean? Well the sun will probably begin to go into hiding, it is cheaper to go on holiday and of course it is time to name ‘writer of the month’ for August!

As the nest of writers continues to expand at FitMag it is becoming increasingly harder to pick a winner. However a winner must be named! Due to his endless repertoire of knowledge, comical outbursts and ability to combine the two together your August ‘writer of the month’ is Louis Provis!

Louis joined the team around 5 weeks ago and has since submitted tens of articles which all make for great reading. For sure they educate on several different levels, but more than that they are all funny, witty and enjoyable to read. In order to transform your content into ‘winning’ material you have to make it enjoyable. The fitness industry obviously involves a lot of science which quite frankly can be bloody boring, however by sharing ‘real life’ and accurate knowledge through quirky wording you make it some what more enjoyable. People will laugh as they read your work and learn simultaneously which is certainly a winning formula. Think back to physics class, now take everything you learnt and do exactly the opposite to make your content interesting!!! How boring was it reading pages and pages of ‘black and white’ facts with hundreds of foreign formulas! Sure, make the facts easy to understand but don’t make it like a school text book!

OK guys I hope that helped you a little bit in understanding the key to readable and enjoyable content! Now I would like to personally congratulate Louis who has proven to be a major corner stone in the FitMag writing team! Keep checking out his work as he has to much more to share including content on vegetarianism and break dancing!

Of course, Louis can now search over and choose a FREE tub of protein of his choice. To be within a chance of winning join our team and submit your content at [email protected] !

There were several other writers who also submitted some awesome content, in particular Thomas Sheppard, and we are truly blessed to have a diverse team of writers like these guys to keep sharing their experiences and knowledge!

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