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Anabolic Design’s Granite Mass stack has been getting a lot of people talking. Most online forums now are littered with logs of people who are running this stack and in most cases, getting good results. Anabolic Designs claim that 5-10lbs during a 4 week cycle of Granite Mass is standard and that some users gained up to 12lbs. They use these claims to compare the effectiveness of this stack to that of a pro-hormone cycle, with the Granite Mass stack obviously having the benefit of being a natural stack therefore avoiding all of the side effects associated with pro-hormones. These are extremely bold claims, but judging by the results and reviews you can find on the internet, they are not unjustified.

The stack is made up of two natural testosterone boosters, Bullk and TauroTest, being used together. The idea being that since the two products boost natural testosterone levels through different pathways that when used synergistically a very large increase in testosterone can be achieved. The product is sold as a 30 day cycle but the stack can be run for 60 days. However, if a 60 day cycle is used then it is recommended to take a 30 day break from each of the products to allow normal hormonal function to resume.


My Cycle

I decided to run a 60 day cycle of Granite Mass. The reason for this is because Bullk can take a few weeks to build up in your body and start applying its effects. For this same reason I would recommend that anyone looking at this product should invest in a 60 day cycle to gain the full benefits.

During my cycle my diet was very clean, utilising plenty of quality protein sources (whey, casein, lean beef, chicken, fish and cottage cheese) and only consuming high GI carbs in the morning (in the form of a handful of berries) and Post Workout (in the form of maltodextrin). Other than this I stuck to low GI carb sources (oats, whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, sweet potato). In total my protein intake was around 1.5g per lbs. of bodyweight and carbs around 1g per lbs. of bodyweight. My fat intake was mainly from cooking oils, flaxseed and Omega supplements. The idea was to bulk as leanly as possible by having a few hundred calories above maintenance but then to monitor weight gain and adjust food intake appropriately.

As for training, I stuck to a 3 day split and trained 5 days a week. So I was hitting every body part every 4 or 5 days. This is slightly more than I would have normally trained but I wanted to take advantage of the increased recovery that I would get from the stack. I also changed the volume of my sessions throughout judging by how I felt I was recovering. So my workouts while on the cycle went as follows:

Weeks 1-3: Workouts averaging 26 sets

Weeks 4-7: Workouts averaging 38 sets

Week 8 (Recovery): Workouts averaging 19 sets

After Week 3 I really felt the effects starting to kick in. My recovery improved drastically, as did my strength. I saw this as a sign to up the training volume and take advantage of the effects the stack was having on my body. Although, after 4 weeks of very long, intense workouts my body was telling me it was time to cut back. So for the last week of my cycle (and a few weeks afterwards) I cut back the volume to allow my body to fully recover from the gruelling 4 weeks I had made it endure.

I also performed slow, steady cardio for 4 mornings a week, totalling 2 and a half hour a week. The idea of this was simply to keep me healthy and to keep my metabolism high without being too stressful on my body.


My Results

I went straight on to the Granite Mass stack from a cut which had left me with heavily decreased strength and energy. Within 2 weeks of starting the stack my strength was roughly back up to where it had been before my cut and my energy levels (as well as endurance during training sessions) also increased. However, up until week 3 I had no weight gain. So at this point I increased my calorie intake (now meaning I was eating around 500-600 calories above maintenance) and upped the training volume hoping my strength and energy levels would continue to improve and that with it would come weight gain. From that point on I gained weight and strength steadily each week until the end of my cycle. At the end of my 60 day cycle I had gained a total of 12lbs, but remarkably I also had an improved level of definition and vascularity. This seemed to hint at the possibility that I had also decreased my body fat during this time. Therefore meaning my muscle gain may have exceeded 12lbs if I had indeed lost a few lbs. of fat (which I believe is true). My measurements also make for good reading:

Chest: 1.5” increase

Arms: 0.5” increase

Thigh: 1” increase

Calf: 0.25” increase

Waist: No significant change

All in all I was very happy with the results and it definitely made the strict dieting and gruelling workouts worthwhile. I would class myself as a hard-gainer so for me to make these kind of gains in a 60 day period is very impressive and I strongly believe that this stack played a huge role in my impressive weight gain and would recommend this product to someone who struggles to gain weight or someone who has stalled in their bulk.


My Advice

I thought I would use my experience to make some recommendations about this product to people looking at this product so they can get the most from it.

When to use it – I wouldn’t recommend doing what I did and using this product straight after a cut. Looking back I may well have gotten even better results if I had been bulking for a month or two before introducing this product to help break through a plateau. My advice would be to invest in this product when you begin to struggle to put on extra weight.

Diet – DO NOT purchase this product until you are able to stick to a clean, good quality diet. There is no point in investing in an expensive product such as the Granite Mass stack if you are not getting all of your basic nutrients and are following a clean diet. Your results will be severely diminished if you use this product with a poor quality diet and this could leave you very disappointed and unhappy.

 The product label recommends consuming 2 grams of protein per lean pound of bodyweight. You can follow this if you wish but depending on your body fat level this guideline could be excessive. I feel that 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight (as I did) is sufficient for your body to grow. Make sure you get enough essential fats as these are important not only in general health but also in the production of testosterone! If your body isn’t getting the raw materials then it cannot synthesize the testosterone that the stack is telling it to make. Focus on using mainly low GI carb sources other than at breakfast and during/immediately after your workout.


Training – Everyone’s body will react differently to different training methods. Whatever method you go for make sure it revolves around large compound moves (squat, deadlift, bench press, rows) as these trigger the greatest growth and release of growth hormone and testosterone. Also, if you come out of the gym feeling you could have done more and are recovering very quickly then don’t be scared to up the training intensity. Likewise, if you are finding that you are still sore next time you train that body part or are often feeling tired or run down then cut back on the training, remember recovery and growth are one and the same.

I hope this review has helped those looking at this product to gain an insight into it and make a decision as to whether they purchase it. For those of you who decide to have a go on this incredible stack, below is the link to the Anabolic Designs 8 week Granite Mass cycle!



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