Adam Gethin's top 3 Fat Burners!

As it is the time of the year where everybody wants to get ripped, we have received a lot of feedback asking about fat burners. People want to get the best fat burner money can buy, and I understand why, because there is nothing worse than shelling out on something which doesn’t give you any results. So I decided to do a ‘fat burner super feature’ for you guys, in order to outline my top 3 fat burners on the market today! These opinions will be based upon the ingredients, my personal experiences and the value of the product as well!

For those of you following my own 12 week transformation, you will know that I am currently using Anabolic Designs Shredabull. By studying the ingredients of the product I feel that Shredabull offers a very good foundation to stimulate fat loss, yet it isn’t so powerful that you feel like you have taken speed! Unlike a lot of fat burners, Shredabull addresses other ‘pathways’ which may be causing you to hold on to body fat. These include suppressing your Cortisol levels, stimulating your natural growth hormone levels and increasing thyroid activity. Whilst Shredabull is a thermogenic, it would be unfair on the product to label it just as that! By suppressing your Cortisol levels it can seriously enhance the overall fat burning effect of the product, because if your Cortisol levels are high you will struggle to burn body fat. Growth hormone is known to seriously stimulate the loss of body fat as it optimises your body’s ability to metabolise body fat! Finally, by enhancing your thyroid activity you are dramatically increasing your chances of burning stubborn body fat, as the thyroid has a big influence on the metabolistaion of fat and your energy levels. For me, there is nothing better on the market than Shredabull right now in terms of fat burners, and if you are after something slightly different I would recommend this product! It has a ‘total’ approach to fat loss, and doesn’t just focus on the thermogenic side of fat burning!

You would have probably guessed that Grenade were going to be in the top 3. Unlike Shredabull, Grenade does focus primarily on the thermogenic part of fat burning and uses a very strong ingredient to achieve this. Bitter orange peel extract is known to the fitness industry as perhaps the most powerful legal thermogenic ingredient, as it contains the same active chemical as Ephedra!!! For those of you who don’t know, Ephedra (you may have heard of Ephedrine) is a commonly used illegal fat loss stimulant! Grenade also contains an array of other market leading thermogenic ingredients, with appetite suppressants as well. If it is a pure ‘thermogenic knockout’ you are after, Grenade is your answer. For me personally, I chose Shredabull this time round because I wanted a more balanced approach to fat loss.

Finally, I would have to conclude my top 3 fat burners with NAR Red Heat! Whilst there are arguably a lot more well known brands out there, I feel this fat burner deserves a lot of credit as a top supplement in its class! NAR Red Heat is potentially the most powerful thermogenic supplement on the market, delivering a ‘sledge hammer’ effect on your BMR! It uses a very unique concoction of ingredients which combine to stimulate your thermogenic levels, leading to an influx in calorie expenditure. However, NAR have also taken into account the potential negative effects on ‘over stimulation’ and formulated Red Heat with this in mind. Therefore you should experience just the right amount of stimulation to accelerate your fat loss, without the negative effects on increased Cortisol levels!

There are my top 3 fat burners from the current market. For sure there are other great products out there, and I will be cycling my fat burners. After I finish Shredabull I will be using another brand, so that my body doesn’t become accustomed to the effect of the particular product. In my opinion I think with stimulant products it is important to change from time to time to prevent your body getting used to the ‘kick!’

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