4 Ways To Be In Control!

Recently you guys will have read about the end of my 12 week transformation and it was a very successful one and that. From doing this I have a lot of experience and tips which I would like to share with you to help ensure you get the most from your training! Obviously one of the biggest challenges I faced was dieting and avoiding foods which I wasn’t allowed. These weren’t necessarily unhealthy foods either; just I wasn’t allowed them in the evenings such as complex carbohydrates. Like the next guy or girl, I have a partner, a day time job and commitments which can become obstacles if I don’t control my environment. Sure there were times where my friends and family challenged my diet, suggesting it didn’t matter if I did this or that, if I missed a gym session and things like this. However I knew different and so do you, with that said here are my top 4 tips on controlling your environment!

Be Picky

Without sounding disrespectful, be mindful of the people you keep company with. Some people will support what you do and others will constantly make innocent yet negative comments. Whether or not they mean it, eventually it can wear you down therefore I would advise to limit the time you spend with them. For example, my partner and her family really support what I do and make dieting so easy at their house, as where if I went to some of my family members houses it would be a nightmare to get the message to them I cannot eat crap! Not at but some of them, so during these 12 weeks I choose to avoid these people when possible.

If possible the best way to deal with people contesting your lifestyle choice is to educate them. As they sit there all smug point out to them the white ham sandwich, high sugar yoghurt and cereal bar is making them fat as they ridicule you for eating healthy! Some people are willing to listen and as long as you show them the reason as to why you are eating this and not eating that they should understand. If not, I suggest you limit your time with these people during your diet!

Plan Ahead

An all time cliché for missing meals is ‘I thought I was only going to be an hour, but I was four’! This is not an excuse to miss a meal because if you plan ahead if you happened to over stay your welcome by 10 hours it wouldn’t matter! Always aim to have one spare meal on you so if that hour turns into 4 then you are covered, and ALWAYS have a powder MRP in the car, in your bag, in your office as well as a MRP bar. This way you have options and you don’t have to sacrifice anything! Get your MRP powder and bars below!





Keep Shopping!

Another key issue with missing meals is not having the right food in the house. Sorry? You chose to be an athlete, you chose to diet so where is the food? If you decide to have a lad’s night in with the beers you can be sure you won’t run out of them! Always keep 3 days worth of food in the house, if you don’t, the chances of you cheating are greatly increased because you will get hungry and there will be no food suitable for you!

Are You Vulnerable?

If you are the type of person who can get talked into things don’t put yourself in positions where this can happen. Example, if your mates are the types to make you drink even though they know you are dieting don’t go to the pubs with them!!! This is such a simple point yet so many fail to see it. Alternatively, be the driver so they won’t make you drink. If they still try and make you drink then they are idiots and you shouldn’t be rolling with them anyway! SIMPLES!

There you go, it isn’t rocket science yet the most effective things in this world aren’t normally. Common sense is the winner in most games and it is no different in this instance. Control your environment and the things within it.

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