4 Reasons You Will Never Miss A Meal Again!!!

When I first got into this game I was told by my mentor, a well-known Welsh hunk of meat who resides in Boise, Idaho that if I miss ONE meal that puts me back 7 days! Yes that is right, a whole week’s worth of effort down the pan because I missed just ONE measly meal. To this day I don’t know if that really is the case but I do know missing one meal puts you back in a major way so let’s juts agree it is 7 days! Mathematically, if you say each day of the week gives you a potential score of 100% progress, you are effectively holding yourself back 700% every time you miss a meal. Maths was never a strong point for me beyond using a calculator, but that sounds like a lot to me! Therefore there is a problem which needs to be resolved which is why below you will find listed 4 ways to never miss a meal again!

Before we progress I want to define the word statement, ‘meal’. Every 3 hours an athlete needs to eat and this is a meal, but this could be a MRP shake, MRP bar or a homemade snack. Often, when the word ‘meal’ is used people envisage a roast dinner, Sheppard’s pie or a curry. This isn’t the case, and to totally eliminate any element of confusion lets rename it ‘food time’ because this doesn’t put any kind of psychological restraints on what you expect to eat! OK enough of that ‘bull process food’; let’s get to the nuts and bolts of this article.

Use your glove box

Whilst no official statistics exist for such a specific study, I wouldn’t mind betting at least a week’s wages over 50% of missed meals occur whilst out shopping, travelling in the car and being out in general. Now I don’t mean to be condescending like a parent but surely common sense says to always carry something on you and that should be in the car. When you travel you are in the car so a muscle snack is never more than an arm’s length away from you. Personally I think that PhD Growth Factor 50 Brownies are the best option as a balanced snack although if you are dieting try the PhD Diet Whey Bars! Both taste better than your average chocolate bar and more importantly they fill the void which would otherwise be left by your failure to eat!







If you have children I still think you have time to prepare your meals the night before! Why? Well because I know a lot of people who do this, heard of a guy name Neil Hill? You know the guy, the one who trains the IFBB Pros and is built like a tank? Well he has his meals prepared the night before whenever we travel on long journeys together and he has a family so no excuses! If you don’t have your meals prepared and in the morning the car won’t start, you have a lie in, you feel ill or just lazy you WILL NOT prepare your meals. Spend 30 minutes before bed cooking next day’s meals and boxing them up so in the morning you simply reach into your fridge and get on with your day!

Protein Shakes

Food as in solid food which comes out the ground, off a tree or off the side of a cow is always the best choice when possible. However, life isn’t ideal so you need to have a shake on hand at all times. Like your protein bars and brownies, keep some powder in the glove box in a sandwich bag, some in your work/gym bag and some in the office. This way you shouldn’t miss any meals. I keep some at my girlfriend’s house so when I am dieting IF I am going to miss a meal I can have a shake! The best choice in my opinion IF there is a chance you are going to miss your 3 hour window is PhD 6HR Blend. This is simply because it drip feeds your muscles with vital muscle building and anti-catabolic agents for 6 hours! I’m not advocating using this supplement as an excuse to miss a meal BUT if needs must use this!



Eat Junk!

Actually I don’t think I should have typed that, or should I have? Well, uhhhh, oh no oh go on then! That somewhat disjointed sentence is meant to replicate the context I mean this in. IF and that is a big fat whopping IF you are going to miss a meal and there is nowhere to eat then eat junk. I don’t mean chocolate, I mean a meal. This could be a burger and chips, curry and rice as long as it has carbs and protein. As bad as this is, it is much better to do this than miss a meal. What I will say is this shouldn’t ever happen and if it does it is because you are crap at planning your time! This should never be the ‘planned’ thing, it should be a reaction to something rather than pro-action. In English, don’t plan to have a Burger King as one of your meals, instead have a Burger King IF when you are out you are literally stuck with no other option because your plans have gone pear shaped. Having said that if you are the type of person who ALWAYS gets in pickles and your day never goes to plan don’t adopt this strategy because you will end up looking worse than I did at the start of my 12 week transformation!

Four simple yet effective ways to never miss a meal again, so what excuses do you have left?

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