3 Ways To Maintain Your 6 Pack!

As you guys follow me to the end of my transformation you may be wondering what my next move is? This is something a lot of you are going to have to consider post-transformation. Really there are two options, stay lean or pack some meat on to your frame! Therefore I am going to do a 2 part feature which should help you whatever you choose to do.

Presuming you are happy with your current look and it ticks the box in ‘long term goals of mine’ then you may well want to maintain this look. There is not necessarily any sense in going through a calorie loaded mass gaining phase if you are absolutely content with your new look. So how do you go about keeping your washboard abs and striated limbs without eating like a cat walk model?

Diet –

Right now as you reach the end of your transformation your calorie intake is probably quite low. This isn’t ideal for an all year round routine therefore we need to make some changes. Due to the fact everyone is unique I cannot give a ‘1 fits all’ diet however for 99% of the gym bunny population I believe the following rules will enable to you stay lean, even if you have been eating a very low carb diet!

Meals 1, 2 & 3 – 40% protein, 40% LOW G.I. carbohydrates and 20% clean fats

Meals 4 & 5 – 70% protein, 30% clean fats (with fibrous veg such as greens)

Meal 6 – 90% protein, 10% clean fats

As mentioned before this is a vague outline, but if you are lean and you continue to eat clean and do your cardio then staying in shape won’t be a problem. For the more carb sensitive members out there I would recommend building your carb intake up slowly. For example, if you were only having complex carbohydrates at breakfast, for the week after your diet ‘finishes’ introduce complex carbs in meal 2 as well for a week. As long as you are staying lean, introduce them to meal 3 the week after. This way you really help limit the shock factor of going from one extreme to the other.

In regards to cravings I am big advocator of having one cheat meal a week. This can be a meal and dessert, but try and limit absolute crap such as takeaways like Indians and Chinese to twice a month. The other two weeks try and have something like a roast dinner or Sheppard’s pie which have a better nutritional structure.

Training –

To keep a lean physique you do need to keep up your efforts on the cardio front for sure! One of the biggest reliefs post diet for a lot of people is not doing that ‘gruelling and tedious’ cardio in the morning and in the evenings. Again, let’s presume you were doing 45 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening as you came to the last couple of weeks everyday. In my opinion, you need to stick at 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes after your weights session in the evening to prevent excess fat gains. This will just help maintain your current physical state.

In regards to weights, hit them hard as ever! Using a 3 dimensional training system such as Y3T is the way forward in my opinion because you hit your muscle fibres hard and you also give your cardiac system a good workout. If you are using different repetition ranges each week and different weights you will certainly enhance your chances of staying lean. This is especially in the higher repetition workouts because you are forcing your body to dig deeper than ever before, improving your overall condition.

Supplementation –

OK, my guess is you may have quite an arsenal of supplements to work with through your transformation and good on you for your commitment! Now you have got your results you can’t afford to just let the supplement stack diminish, you need to continue working with them. The supplements which I would describe as ‘essential’ for you in this instance are a whey protein, fat burner, L-glutamine and a multi-blend protein. These are ‘essential’ however I would also classify a pre-workout such as PhD V-Max Pump as ‘highly advisable’ because it enables you to work that much harder in the gym, stimulating additional fat loss!

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Not only have you achieved a body of your dreams you now know how to maintain it which is arguably the hardest part! Well done partner!

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