3 Reasons To Eat PhD Growth Factor 50 Brownies!


For any serious athlete the closest thing to munching a king size Mars bar or Snickers on a daily basis would be a protein bar. The issue here is that there are very few protein bars which have the ability to convince your brain they taste as good. In my experience, PhD have an incredible range of protein bars in terms of quality and the taste is off the chart! PhD Growth Factor 50 brownies are no different, as I sank my teeth into my first brownie I couldn’t quite believe what my taste buds where telling me. Therefore I felt as if it was my duty to share with you the benefits of getting yourself a box of my new favourite protein brownies!

There isn’t an aimless reason as to why this new brownie is labelled ‘Growth Factor 50’! Each scrumptious serving contains a monstrous 50g of protein. The protein comes from high quality sources including milk protein and soy protein isolate. With this in mind this brownie is an ideal supplement to your diet whatever your sport or goals to help ensure you don’t fall behind on your protein targets.

Each brownie also contains 24g of carbohydrates which predominately comes from waxy barley starch. Although this is a relatively fast digesting carbohydrate the very nature of it means that doesn’t actually have a very strong effect on your insulin levels. This is key to ensuring this mouth watering brownie doesn’t stimulate excessive levels of fat gain. One point of caution I would like to point out is that each brownie does have 8g of sugar which isn’t too much, yet you do need to be mindful of when you are eating these and what your goals are. Personally, I think right after exercise, mid morning or even half way through a football much are all ideal times to use these brownies.

So who should be scoffing on PhD Growth Factor 50 brownies? Anybody who is serious about adding lean muscle to their frame and anybody who participates in a lot of exercise and needs to recover fast. This could include cyclists, kick boxers, fitness models, rugby players and of course bodybuilders or if your like me, gym bunnies. Adding just one bar a day to your diet will significantly help aid your rate of growth as well as recovery, in fact, I would go as far as to say ½ a bar would benefit you. However, I doubt once you have worked your way through the first half you will have the will power to put the second half away for tomorrow. This leads me nicely on to the taste and texture. Above I did explain my opinion on this, however considering they taste so bloody good I think it warrants a second rant. If before you have read a certain protein bar or snack tastes as good as your favourite sugar loaded junk snack you will probably have felt conned after you ate it. However, I PROMISE you these brownies really do taste like something straight out of Millie’s Cookies! To get your own box delivered straight to your door step tomorrow, follow the link below. ENJOY!


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