3 Five Minute Toasty's

Toast is one of the nation’s favourite snacks! It is very quick to make, tastes lovely with a cup of tea and it is warm which is comforting considering the weather we tend to get in the UK. However, white toast isn’t something we can enjoy on a diet, it just doesn’t have the nutritional value to promote fat loss, and in fact it will promote fat gain! Luckily, brown bread is a superb source of low G.I carbohydrates and it also tastes great! Here are 3 very fast recipes to make a muscle building, hunger busting toasty!

Toasty 1 –

100g of lean chopped beef steak

4 chopped baby tomatoes

½ chopped red pepper

2 sliced mushrooms

Served with 1 fried egg

This toasty is a fantastic way to get in your protein, carbohydrates and fats with the addition of the egg. There is a nice mixture of flavours and textures here so it isn’t too dry, which is always nice when you consider it can be hard to make ‘healthy’ food taste good!

Toasty 2 –

100g tuna mixed with 50g low fat cottage cheese

½ chopped green pepper

½ sliced red onion

4 chopped baby tomatoes

Again like toasty 1, this delivers a great balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats. It is important to include enough ‘accessories’ such as peppers, tomatoes and onions because they help with the texture and they can also help with digestion.

Toasty 3 –

100g chargrilled chicken breast coated in almond butter

50g of pineapple chunks

½ sliced red onion

2 sliced mushrooms

This recipe is bouncing with flavours and again it is loaded with a great balance of nutrients geared towards muscle recovery and growth! This is ideal for post-workout with the higher G.I carbohydrates from the pineapple! This is as close as you can get to the wonderful ‘Hawaiian’ Pizza whilst dieting!

There you have 3 really fast recipes do make in the toaster. There are no prizes for guessing you cannot coat the outer layers of the toast in butter to stop it from sticking, instead use a non-stick agent on your toasty maker and extra virgin olive oil 1 cal spray. Next time you cannot sit still due to hunger, consider having one of these as a scrumptious snack!

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