Working Around Niggles!

Working through injuries is never easy and I for one have had to do that through my 12 week transformation. For some time I have had issues with my shoulder joints and lower back which I blame on my training in my teens. As a youngster I would try and follow the big boys, and whilst my form was good my body just wasn’t developed enough to put up with the stresses. Therefore I have to always work around injuries, and this is something I wanted to help you guys do as well. Here are 3 ways to work around a niggle so you don’t have to stop training completely!

Contract don’t press

It is often perceived the more you can press the more the target muscle is working, therefore surely it has to grow! Over the last couple of years I have come to realise and believe that it boils down to muscle contraction. Do a little experiment! Get a pair of dumbbells which are about 70% of the weight you would normally use to chest press for 10 reps. Then press them BUT squeeze your pecs as you press all the way up and back down! I bet that you struggle to get 10, yet if you just ‘press’ then you will be able to load the weight on. In relation to injuries, my point is why focussing on the contraction I am able to stimulate my pecs with around 70% of the weight I would normally lose. What’s more, the weight transfer is constantly on my pecs, not my shoulder joints. As a result my shoulders become far less agitated and this is something I believe you should do to. However, in order for this to work you have to put a firm size 10 smack bang through the middle of your ego!

Stretch out

One of the best things I started doing was stretching my shoulder joints several times a week, off the back of some advice from my boss right here at MonsterSupplements! Two to three times a week I will spend 10 minutes stretching my shoulder joint, using a wall as resistance and I have found that it has really helped loosen up the area! Whether it is your shoulder, knee, elbow or whatever else, stretching regularly helps to suppress the pain in my experience!

High reps

My wrist joints and shoulders began to complain about 3 years ago when I was pressing heavy week in week out! However, I persevered because that it what I thought I needed to do. Today however, I am much more educated and experienced. By using the Y3T style of training I only use heavy compound movements once every 3 weeks. The other two weeks I use high repetition ranges because the muscles become fatigued yet the weight I am using to achieve this are significantly less than on low rep days! This has been a god send to me because quite frankly the time my joints would put up with heavy lifting every week was limited!


Whilst this isn't a 'training tip' I believe that certain supplements provide a huge level of support in working around niggles. For me, USN CLA Thermo is great because although it is fat loss based, the healthy fats also promote healthier joints as does Udo's Choice Oil! Follow the links below to get yours today!


There are 3 easy things you can do help work around a niggle you may have. As you look at the advice, it often comes back to using less weight and training smarter to target the muscle opposed to your joints and ego!

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