Which Protein before bed!?

Supplements have really revolutionised the way we train today, and more importantly, the rate at which we make progress! Supplements give us the edge, they support our gains by around 20% in my opinion, and they enable you to reach new limits which perhaps you couldn’t before. However, one time of the day I am a huge believer in using supplements, is right before bed. Whilst many people do understand the importance, there are many more that don’t, so here I am, trying to show you why you should use supplements before bed!

First of all, you need to understand that whilst you are asleep your testosterone and growth hormone levels peak, therefore your body is able to repair itself, as well as grow at its fastest rate! So doesn’t it make sense to ensure it has all the nutrients it needs in order to carry out the repairs to your muscle fibres? I think so, and that is why before bed I am using a multi-blend timed release protein.

Most people will opt for a whey isolate protein as their ‘all rounder’ but I think we have become wise to the fact that one protein just won’t cut it anymore. Personally, I don’t see the sense in taking an ultra fast digesting protein right before bed. Your body simply won’t have time to assimilate many of the nutrients.

The benefits of a multi-blend timed release protein are that it ‘drip feeds’ your muscles through the night, giving them a constant supply of amino acids. Amino acids are vital as they act as building blocks to your muscle cells, and its very important to have a range of amino acids available for different purposes. It is also seriously worthwhile using a slow release protein blend before bed, because your nitrogen retention is dramatically enhanced. If you can maintain a good nitrogen balance, your anabolic activity is increased, leading to better protein assimilation and in turn, better recovery and growth!

Finally, obviously when you are asleep for 8 hours you are essentially fasting. In my opinion, this will lead to a degree of catabolism; there is no way of getting around that. However, if you use a fast digesting protein before bed, this still won’t do much because within 2 hours it will have been digested. Now if you were to take a multi-blend, containing Casein, you will find that studies support that fact that it can feed your muscles for up to 6 hours! That is a whopping difference, and that right there could be the difference between gains, and great gains.

SO which protein supplements would I advise before bed? Personally I used Gaspari Myofusion. However, PhD 6Hr blend and CNP Pro-Peptide are equally as good and I would recommend you use of these before bed as well as during the day! To get your tub delivered for FREE simply follow the relevant link below!




In a nutshell, that is why I believe you need to open your eyes and have protein for different times of the day. For sure, a whey isolate is superb for mornings and post-workout, but before bed you really need a different blend all together!

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