The Bulge Breaks Down!!!

Confession - The Bulge breaks down:

So far in the goal setting blog you've heard Max speak about me with limited admiration and scepticism as to whether I can handle the rigours of a 12 week training schedule... Well he's not far wrong but not nail on the head either. I work 12 hour days as a broker and client entertain most nights as well as being a sufferer of Social FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), so burn a star shaped candle from every end available. I am conscious though that I owe Max my commitment and I also want to see results and benefits of being, leaner, stronger and confident at Blue Marlin when the shirt comes off in Ibiza in 6 weeks time!

The last 2 weeks haven't gone to plan. A stag do in Spain that saw the only running as that from a bull in hot pursuit in Pamplona and a week long business trip to Geneva have left me flagging. I've run when I can and have been limited to press ups, chin ups and other own body weight exercises when I get the opportunity. It’s not enough.

Now my diet has improved. A typical day involves Oats, fruit and a shake for breakfast- a couple of eggs mid-morning - chicken wrap lunch -chicken/tuna/cottage cheese pitta late afternoon/pre-gym - shake for dinner. My love of Haribo has been replaced by snacks of nuts and fruit which is a step and an easy one at that if you're disciplined, in the right direction. I have a spreadsheet at work detailing my diet and training which acts as great motivation when you're "killing it", but painful reading when you slip up. Facing reality is the biggest wake up call that you need to get your ass in the gym and get some lean meat and veg in your system.

So 2 weeks of boozing, smoking, not eating right and not training hard has put me in with Max. I've turned it round this week with high intensity gym sessions every day, throwing round any weight I can get my hands on with a bit of physio. I find, not allowing yourself rest in between sets the perfect way to get the heart pumping, the lungs burning and the satisfaction pinnacle. Also as a busy man, a 40min weights session is CRUCIAL to being able to have a life outside work/gym. You don't get points for spending time in the gym, its what you do in there.

Half-marathon race vs. my mentor at the weekend, so light jog tonight, light weights for the rest of the week and hopefully report back with a sub 1.30 time next week. A big ask!!

A big 6 weeks ahead


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