The 'ABC Guide to Big Arms' - Biceps

The average male athlete who starts weight training is often fixated with getting ‘huge’ arms! The fascination of bulging biceps and triangular triceps leads these lads upon a quest to find out the secrets which lie behind the construction of a rippling pair of arms. This is why FitMag are going to do a ‘’ABC guide to Big Arms’’ series. Let’s start with a comprehensive guide to bicep training.

Training your biceps isn’t as straight forward as you think, there are several mistakes people make which tend to hold them back.

Your biceps are made of two separate heads, the long head (inner head) and the short head (outer head). Therefore you must use a diverse biceps workout to ensure you are stimulating both heads and not just the one. Normally, the long head does most of the work during a biceps workout therefore people’s arm development looks impressive with a front on double bicep pose, yet from the side they look a little weak.

Now you understand the importance of training biceps properly to develop a full looking arm, here are some ‘’do’s and don’ts’’ for you!

Do’s –

. Train your biceps once a week doing between 7-9 working sets, WHY?

To avoid over training.

. Use exercises which will hit your inner and outer heads every workout, WHY?

To ensure you develop strong looking biceps from all angles.

. Control the negative on every repetition

To keep the tension on the biceps at all times.

. Change the range of repetitions you do each workout, WHY?

To hit slow and fast twitch muscle fibres and stretch the fascia with high volumes of blood in the muscle.

Don’ts –

. Swing the weight up, WHY?

This takes the tension and focus off the biceps leading to poor rates of growth. You also risk the chances of injuring your back and shoulder joint.

. Use weight which is too heavy for you

This leads to poor form, it doesn’t stimulate the muscle and you won’t make any progress.

. Train your biceps every workout

Over training is a common reason as to why people can’t make their arms grow!

. Train your biceps for 45-60 minutes

This is way too long to train your biceps! They are a small muscle group therefore 30 minutes is sufficient to ‘total’ them!

There are some very basic rules which are key to building an awesome set of biceps. If you overlook the fundamentals then your arms won’t ever grow the way you want them to, unless you have genetics like Zack Khan in which case you probably don’t need to read this!!!

With that all said and done, here are three bicep workouts which covers all of the fundamental rules. Remember, variation is key therefore I suggest you cycle these workouts on a 3 week rotor.

Workout 1

3 X alternating dumbbell curls 8-12 repetitions

3 X close grip rope cable curls 8-12 repetitions

3 X concentration curls 8-12 repetitions

Workout 2

4 X close grip EZ curls 12-16 repetitions

3 X seated dumbbell curls 12-16 repetitions

2 X 21s

Workout 3

3 X barbell curls 50 repetitions (stop/start to failure)

2 X alternating cable curls 30 repetitions then drop set to do 20 more repetitions

1 X barbell/machine preacher curls 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 repetitions with 40 seconds rest between sets

There you go a comprehensive break down of bicep training. It is vital that you use a diverse range of training to really stimulate growth in your biceps. It is also imperative that you don’t under any circumstances cheat with poor form because you won’t stimulate any growth, which is why you are in the gym right? In the second part of this series we will be talking about the fundamentals of building a set of killer triceps!

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