Sian Toal Shows You How to ''Keep Track!''

Hi all!  8 weeks to go till my next competition! Feeling good! Training hard and eating well. I've made changes this time to keep it simpler. Sleep. Train hard. Eat well. Simple, huh? And even works.

With work, long hours and personal stresses I didn't realise how little sleep I was getting and how long it had been going on. So, I have started taking Magnesium before bed (early nights too!) to aid better natural sleep, napping here and there if needed (yep, my grandmother was right....'a nap does you the world of good...' she'd say!)  Add this to continuing a gluten and dairy free, high protein diet and in as little as a week I noticed changes such as my abs coming through more and reduction in abdominal bloating and body fat. Simply by resting more and training harder.....that is the way uh huh uh huh I like it. . . . . .OK enough of that!

So how's your training going? If your answer is 'great!' Or 'meh...' Tell me why....?

We all train for different reasons and as long as you are achieving the goal you're working to achieve then you are on the right track. As a trainer, it is unfair to assume that every woman wants to lose weight or every man wants big muscles. Funny story..... Check out this conversation I overheard in a PT consultation in a gym I was training in.....

PT- ‘’ok then, so tell me your goals? (Good start.....)

Female Potential Client (FPC) – ‘’well I suffered from a terrible loss about a year ago and haven't really done anything since.’’

PT-‘’you're in the right place, I can definitely help you lose the weight and looking beach ready in no time.’’

FPC-‘’I never mentioned losing weight. Or a beach for that matter. I like my body. I'd like to start by getting out the house, try something new, and perhaps do a 'race for life' in honour. Are you saying I'm fat....?’’

PT-‘’er....... (Bad start.....)’’

Not good. The PT didn't get out of that easily!

Anyway, Off the point. Are you actually involved in your training? Are you looking at the body you dreamed you'd have? As I say to my clients, training starts in your head and then the body will follow.

How do you know if you are achieving the results? If you are planning to achieve a certain weight or body fat percentage or complete a race then it is a clear goal to aim for but so many of us don't get there as we don't monitor the changes as you go. Sometimes as you live in your own body you don't notice how well or badly you're doing. Motivation can go and before you know it, you're face down in a chocolate gateau.

 If you're training for a race, say a half marathon, would you go to bed a non runner and wake up as Paula Radcliff? No. You would run or walk what you could and improve little by little until the distances added up. Same for changing your body shape, if you spent 2 years getting fatter and fatter it won't come off in 2 days....

One of the best things you can do is to honestly monitor and asses your training, your food and even your sleep! It should be natural that you regularly monitor and chart your mileage as a runner or your body fat if you're planning to change shape, but try this. Plan your training and after each set or after the session write a couple of words next to your program to make the next session more productive. No need to write a dissertation on it, but things like 'struggled with the last set....more focus needed next session’, ‘felt good and energised today’, ‘weight too light, must increase next session'. Even things like, 'damn I have a good butt! But I want better shoulders'. All these things keep you involved in your training. Then read your previous notes before you train again. It really worked for me. Even if you're sceptical and think it's a bit 'new age hippy' just TRY IT. You never know until you have a go. Through personal experience, your frame of mind can change everything. Understand who you are, your weaknesses and strengths, why you're doing it or even why you're NOT doing it.  Where's the harm if you feel you’re not at the goal you want? Sometimes there's a bit more to it than just turning up.....

Happy training! Peace out x

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