Sian Toal - 5 Top Training Tips!

If it's broke, try to fix it!

Training plan not working for you? Why are you still doing it? If months are going by and the original goal you began with isn't materialising you need to find out why? Could be intensity, the regularity, or just completely the wrong plan! There are so many theories, ideas, and contradicting advice out there, it's so easy to end up a bit and not make any progress. Ask a fitness professional but also remember you need to find out what works for you.....FitMag is a great place to find something which WILL work for you!


Don't fall for the 'Daily Mail trap...'


Ok, it's not just the Daily Mail that does this, many glossy magazine are also prime culprits. One day it's, 'carbs are great!!! Eat lots to lose weight!' Then the next day it's, 'carbs are bad, bad, bad, evil carbs, ditch them to lose weight now!' Then maybe the next day,'exercise is bad for your health!' followed by 'overweight Britain need to exercise more!' each one coupled with a 'scientific' report to back it up. If you find yourself on a different plan every week of course you won't see anything working. It's been 7 days..... Or like most people they start giving up by Thursday..... Remember extremes can rarely be maintained. Good professional advice can help sort a lifestyle to suit you. 

Don't let training fall into the same category as the washing up....

In other words....don't let it become a chore! Training can really make you feel alive, energised, focussed and is a part of your day dedicated to you! If you hate Spinning, get off your bike! If Circuit Training gives you the sweats before you've even started, don't do it! Do you really think you're going to keep that up? If you loved a sport as a kid, maybe join an adult team? Or go back to Dance Class? As always, figure out what you want to get out of it and head in that direction. (For example....if you want to be a Bodybuilder, lift some weights and don't start running marathons!)  Training could become the best part of your life.

Don't be a sheep....



Just because your mate decides this week it's the Dukan diet that's going to change her life/make her happy/get her the promotion/make Simon in Marketing notice her......It doesn't mean you have to. Stick to your guns if it's working for you and don't let others pull you off course. Usually their information comes from a magazine that is trying to sell more copies of a featured diet, so of course it's the best thing since sliced gluten free bread. Many a client of mine has been told by a 'friend' that they're losing too much weight and that their 'lose 10pounds in 10 days diet is the way forward. Yet my client is changing their body for life, leading a healthier lifestyle and getting stronger while the 'friend' remains the same. Jealous much...?

Be prepared to change things.

Don't assume that a miracle pill and a mystic green concoction will turn you into a supermodel overnight. A daily diet of pizza, cake and Pinot Grigio will not allow you good results, no matter how hard you train. If you want to SEE a change you have to MAKE a change. If you do what you've always done you'll always be what you've always been. Like all things worth having, a bit of hard work is needed. Clean up your diet and lifestyle a little and see what can happen for you.

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