Max Willcocks - The Bulge Gets Back Up!!!

For a man who isn't afraid of indulging in a few confectionery treats himself, it was the Bulge's turn to doll out a serving of humble pie this weekend. While our resistance work has been mediocre it seems the cardio has really been paying off for the Bugle. He destroyed me in a half marathon this weekend, himself posting an impressive 1:28:40 easily beating my 1:36:46. On a Sunday where the weather was seemingly tailored for running, the Bulge put in a performance worthy of the Trophy that we both battle over in these events. Cardio is a very important part of our training, neither of us have the intention to focus solely on mass gains, instead we're happy to limit a degree of our muscle growth potential in aid of solid cardiovascular performance. I can’t tell you where it all went right for the Bulge, but I can certainly tell you where it all went wrong for me. I don’t keep a training diary as such, but I do have a small white board in my room which I note down my weeks activities on. I could tell from the first 100 yards of our ½ marathon that I was really going to struggle and a quick glance at my white board may indicate why - 28 miles running and 42 miles on the bike during the week!!! ‘’Jeez Max, way to rest the legs!!!’’ I think I simply forgot how the daily 14 mile cycle, while not too taxing isn’t a perfect rest coming up to a race weekend. I’m not one to make excuses but I’m one to weed out the reasons behind failure. This is what training is about right, learning from your mistakes, correcting them, and then pushing through previous barriers. Luckily I can make amends for this weekend with another race on this coming Saturday- a sharp 10k on a perfect course, practically destined for sub- 40 minute times. Time to change a few habits!

I suppose having put great emphasis on making sure the Bulge was sticking to his training, and trying to guide him when he does occasionally ask for a few bits of advice I’d forgotten a very important rule. Always look out for number one!!! Begrudgingly I’ll be reverting back to public transport for the last three days of the week, in a bid to allow my legs to completely recover.

Very well done to the Bulge, I remain gracious in defeat, to lose there really is no shame, but to not give yourself a chance is shameful indeed. One thing to focus on for the week is diet from both our perspectives. It's no surprise to hear that the Bulge often responds best to positive re-enforcement- a treat if he does well or turns up to training on the weekend. Often this takes the form of PhD Synergy, a great all-in-one formula to really aid both training and recovery. This weekend it was our drink of choice post race, along with a couple of litres of water, my legs aren’t sore in the least but then again they didn’t do much for me yesterday! So it will be same again this weekend, PhD will help us recover and an all you can eat summer BBQ at my country club will help us celebrate. 

One of us will be drowning our sorrows and the other will get his hands on the coveted Trophy.... and after seeing our Trophy wouldn't you go the extra mile to win?


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