Max Willcocks - Battle of the 'Bulge' (part 3)

Here is the photo you all may, or may not have been waiting for. Taken this Friday just before a group of us got together for a big couple of nights out at Henley Royal Regatta. This is going to be my chance to detail a portion of our routine.



To give you an idea the Bulge is weighing in at about 85kg and myself at 83kg. Both being of similar weights makes it easier to use a broad stroke approach to applying routines. Generally we're aiming for 3 isolated resistance training sessions during the 5 day working week and one full body compound session on the weekend. To get the Bulge back into the swing of resistance training and lifting tin we are opting for 5 sets of 8 reps on a medium to heavy weight. Comfortable lifts in the first set turn to struggling lifts in the last set, and we'll do this for 6 different exercises. Thus far he's done a handful of sessions and this week (Mon/Tues/Wed) he's already got through a load of cardio and resistance work- 'go on The Bulge'. We'll give this a few weeks before dropping reps and increasing weights to improve strength and then start the cycle again. Here's a quick copy of an email I was sent this morning about his gym time:


Incline Bench - 5x8reps @60kg

Flys - 5x8reps @20kg each

Side arm raises - 5x8 @20kg each

Overhead pullovers - 5x8 @22kg

Straight arm pull downs - 5x8 @the stack

Hammer curls - 3x8 @22kg each

5km run - 5x500m @12.5 alternated with 5x500m @17.5

Wed:Leg curls - 5x8reps

Leg extension 5x8reps (I don't like this exercise)

Leg Press - 5x8 @160kgs

5km run - 5x500m @13.0 alternated with 5x500m @17.5

It's great to know that he's out there doing it. I try to motivate him as best as I can but there's only so much a text/email can do as we don't get the chance to gym together during the week. This I can tell is going to prove slightly problematic when we have him lifting slightly heavier weights as he's working without a spotter but for now he should be fine. Its also great to get his feedback, comments like "Couldn't be more excited for the next few weeks!" and "starting to feel better already" put a spring in my step not to mention his. For a man who was on his knees having champagne sprayed in his face in a marquee at the Henley regatta this weekend he's really made the most of the start of a fresh week. When two massive bouncers kindly escorted him to the exit for his behaviour I could swear I heard him asking "so what do you bench?” It looks like we have his attention and with a half marathon in 3 weeks and a 10k in 4 weeks he's got something to aim for, indeed we both have. Its early days, but we’re putting the effort in. So once again- GO ON THE BULGE.

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