Launch an 'attack on your fat' with these key supplements!

On the market there are probably thousands of ‘weight loss’ formulas and supplement programmes which promise you a miracle transformation. Unfortunately, most of these are simply gimmicks to shift more products into your shopping basket, and more cash into their bank accounts! However, there are some great fat loss supplements out there. Due to the immense influx in questions I receive, related to the ‘best’ supplement stack for fat loss, I thought I would give my personal opinions.

In my opinion the first supplement which needs to be on your list is CLA! CLA is a fantastic essential fatty acid (EFAs) which is known to stimulate fat loss through several different pathways. First of all it actually helps metabolise body fat as an energy source, which common sense will tell you, this should lead to a decrease in your body fat percentage over time! However, CLA is also great because it can help slow down the rate at which your calories you ingest are digested, which means your body has longer to make good use of the calories content. This should limit the amount converted into stored body fat! EFAs are also fantastic at suppressing your hunger which is why I also rate CLA so highly! Udo’s Choice Oil is another EFA blend which I use and I am a huge advocator of. This blend of oil is great because it comprises of the correct ratio of omega-3 and omega-6!  This is why CLA and Udo’s Choice Oil are part of my ‘fat attack’ stack and why it should be part of yours!

The next supplement is an amino acid called L-Carnitine. By now you will have probably grasped the fact that I have a soft spot for this supplement, and I developed that soft spot through experience of the product. In simple terms, L-Carnitine helps your body utilise body fat as an energy source whereas otherwise it may not be able to. For those of you who are interested in knowing more about the mechanics, L-Carnitine acts as a transportation system to fatty acids where it carries them to the mitochondria. It is here that the fatty acids can be incinerated as a source of energy!

          Don’t panic I haven’t gone crazy, I haven’t forgot about ‘fat burners!’ For sure, I do rate fat burners and they can work. However, the reason I left them until the end was because I feel the previous supplements ‘prime’ your body more effectively to release body fat stores. Fat burners take more of an aggressive approach by stimulating your BMR significantly, and this can be very effective. However, for it to really work I would make sure the first two supplements are in place first!

It goes without saying for these supplements to work; your diet needs to be on point! As does your training as well as your cardio! However, to answer your question guys these are the best supplements in my opinion to fight the fat!

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