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Embarking upon a journey to improve your mental and physical health doesn’t have to be lonely or selfish! In fact, it can be one of the most selfless and considerate things you can do, especially if you can get your partner to join you. Here are some tips for couples who want to enjoy the benefits of health and exercise together.

Love it or hate it, everybody who is alive today needs to eat healthy, exercise and in an ideal world use some basic supplementation in order to maximise their overall health. Therefore it surely makes sense to enjoy staying healthy opposed to seeing it as a chore. In a typical relationship where one of the partners loves to exercise and the other doesn’t it can become very strenuous on other aspects of your life together. You want to eat healthy whilst your partner is questioning why you have to eat that or do this or go to the gym again! Whilst you may tell yourself you just have to persevere and remain committed, what fun is it bickering over everything and what’s more it is all down to your exercise lifestyle! Sooner or later you will either break up or give up on your healthy ways. Neither outcome is good (unless they are a real pain in the arse!!!) so these tips may enable you to sort your problem out together.

Train together

If your partner has a negative view point on regular exercise in the gym, may be it is time to convince them to join you. Don’t off load them on to a cross-trainer for an hour whilst you hang in the ‘lad’s corner’! Instead, make an effort to get them through a good workout, train the same muscle groups together and see if they enjoy it. After feeling the results and the feeling of accomplishment, you may find they turn out to be your best training partner. When Neil Hill isn’t around, Sophie is certainly my best training partner because she isn’t shy to shout at me or tell me I’m being feeble! Where else can you think of where you WANT your partner to shout at you!!?? People often have a negative view point of the gym because they have always failed to get results and they feel intimidated by everyone else there. Let’s cut the bull, gyms can have quite a ‘clicky’ atmosphere and for some people that is too much. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes, if they swim regularly with a club would you feel comfy in swimming trunks in front of loads of strangers? Some of you will be screaming ‘’that would be heaven’’ but the rest of you will get the point. Take your partner through a 3 week training cycle; get them eating a healthy balanced diet and see if it is something they could enjoy with you! If not, nothing is lost and they may begin to understand what you do more.

Play sports

Cutting sports out of your life is saddening if they are something you enjoy to do. Being active is a wonderful thing and if you look back to your younger days you will remember ‘fun’ and ‘laughing’ often revolved around sports. If you and your partner enjoy cycling get on your bikes, if you love tennis hit the courts, if you enjoy jogging get your running shoes on! Doing something active which you both enjoy is almost certainly going to ensure you will both do it long term, improving the quality of life for both of you!

Reward yourselves

Often the synergy within a relationship is built upon enjoying each others company and having a laugh! Eating healthy can be fun; you can cook new recipes together and make healthy food taste good! This will soon get rid of that common perception eating healthy is boring, bland and tedious! However, don’t go without! Personally, I recommend having two cheat meals a week where you and your partner can have a nice starter, main and delicious sweet to really hit your cravings on the head! For me, Wednesday night and Saturday night are those days because I am not training, neither is Sophie and we can kick back, relax and watch a film, TV or whatever else and enjoy our junk food. For the rest of the week we live a healthy lifestyle, exercising and eating good food therefore we feel we have earned it and that is what I suggest you do with your partner.

There are some tips guys to keep your relationship sweet as well as your healthy lifestyle. In the past I have met so many people who have DIVORCED because they couldn’t put up with the lifestyle their partner was leading. This is extreme, but my point is eating a certain way and exercising regularly can be seen as extreme by someone who doesn’t understand, therefore instead of arguing try and involve your partner!

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