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Getting that nice dry and hard look, where there doesn’t appear to be any water sitting between your skin and muscle isn’t easy! Natural diuretic foods are often used to get those last few sips of water from under the skin, but it can be hard knowing which ones to use! Natural diuretic foods can also be great for people who suffer from bloating, stomach cramps, high blood pressure as well as other health issues. However, be sure to use these foods sparingly and only use them to get bone dry for very short period of time. It isn't healthy to deplete your water levels over and over again on a large scale! Got that? OK, here are my top 3 natural diuretic foods!


Asparagus, one of the tastiest fibrous greens money can buy is often used among athletes to help shed the last few pounds of water before a photo shoot! As well as enabling the body to shed excess levels of water, Asparagus is also enriched with calcium, folic acid, vitamin A, B and C! This isn’t just a great natural diuretic; this is a super food which is why I rate it so highly!


Melon as we know it is another very popular food for its natural ability to act as a diuretic. It is widely thought this is largely due to their high water content believe it or not! However, Melons are also very nutritious foods due to their high potassium and vitamin C levels!


Celery is another widely used natural food diuretic. Like the previous two foods listed it also contains some great health benefits, including high potassium levels. Celery is best known for its ability to help aid high blood pressure, due to the fact it contains an ingredient known as Phthalide! This ingredient is able to support sufferers of high blood pressure by helping to relax the smooth muscles in the vessel walls, leading to the vasodilation of your vessels! As a result the flow of blood is eased.

The 3 natural diuretic foods mentioned above all have great health benefits and can all be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet. However, if you are specifically going to use them to shed the last few drops of water before a photo shoot, be sure to resume a normal healthy diet right after! If you are constantly flushing out water from your system you run the risk of removing vital minerals and vitamins from your body which can potentially lead to health issues!

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