Ed Cole - What Is Next?

Feels like a long time since I wrote an article, but thought it would be nice to post what I’m up to. So after the 12 week transformation I started straight into the PhD cover competition and this one really excited me, I would love the opportunity to be a cover model so this is going to be a tough challenge.

 I’ve started this competition with a clean bulk; this is where I’m trying to add lean muscle to my body, keeping any fat gains to a minimum. This is a hard thing to do, and requires tight control on your diet. For the moment I have increased my daily intake of food, and switched to a bulking shake to really help with the extra calories. Now calories aren’t everything, but unless you have a surplus each day, you won’t gain any size. I find the bulking shakes help a lot, as they have the goodies I need, however make sure you find one that will help with your goals, I use one that is medium in calories, as if I went too high it will mostly turn to fat. Make sure you know your body type, and how it will react to extra calories before planning your diet, or else you could end up gaining a lot of fat while you bulk. My personal choice has been PhD Pharma Gain because it works so well, it isn’t full of rubbish at it tastes so bleeding good!



The key supplement I’m using for this cycle is creatine; I have found this product has really helped me increase my strength over the past few weeks in a big way. Whilst cutting I used it to maintain muscle, but now that I’m trying to increase size and strength I have found this product to be vital. I find it really helps me to push myself that little but further during my workouts, and my plan is to increase the weights for some exercises every 2 weeks, and this has really helped. Following Adam Gethin’s advice on the video series I chose MST Cre-O2 and I must say it is incredible! This stuff really does have a huge impact on your strength and muscular endurance levels!



Whilst I bulk my routine will mainly consist of 5 reps per exercise, but using weights that are 80% my maximum, this way I’m really pushing my muscles to the limit. And with the extra food in my diet they will grow back bigger and stronger. I really enjoy entering the challenges I see pop up on the internet and in magazines, it gives you a new target to aim for, and you can meet new people, and learn from what they have tried. 

To conclude guys I would urge all of you to join the PhD competition as well as the writing competition on FitMag! Surrounding yourself with positive knowledgeable people and goals certainly helps with your focus!

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