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For the PHD competition I decided it was time to try a serious clean bulk. I have tried to bulk in the past, but I didn’t to it right, and to be honest got almost zero results. I really wanted to get bigger by adding some lean muscle mass, but also wanted to look defined at the same time! So I decided to try and bulk up, but I was doing this whilst still trying to cut fat. These 2 things can’t be done at the same time, in order to build muscle you need to have a surplus of calories and to lose body fat, a deficit of calories.

I was spending money on mass gaining shakes, and only taking half servings, along with still taking a fat burning supplement at the same time, and this meant I was getting no results, and wasting my money. This time round I’m doing things properly, I have stopped worrying about my fat levels, and the fact my abs don’t show, and have decided to focus more on making sure I eat good quality food, and train really well. I have 2 different shakes to help me put on mass – Reflex one stop extreme, and Reflex instant mass.  I chose these because I liked the ingredient brake down, and so far they appear to be working very well.





I’ve recently decided to give my workouts a boost for the final 5 weeks and added Gaspari SizeOn during my workouts, and this will really help me push myself harder than I have before.



I need to make sure I have a very clean diet with good levels of protein, carbs and fats to help me reach my goals. I try to get all this from a range of foods, but find as I take food to work it needs to be simple, and easy to make and eat, so I tend to stick to wholegrain pasta, chicken and salad during the day, and then vegetables and some lean meat for tea. I also add extra virgin olive oil to all my food too, helping to make sure I get good levels of healthy fats. I found it hard to eat so much food at the start, and used Anabolic Designs Bullk and Ravenous to help in the early stages of my bulk. However, now I’m used to the level of food, I very much enjoy stuffing my face all day, it can’t look great to see me in the office at times, as it must appear all I ever do is eat.





During the days when I get hungry I also add in a protein bar at times, as these are very nice, and are convenient when you don’t have time. At the moment I really like the Peak Body Pro 50 bars! These taste like a treat, but have 50g of protein per serving, perfect for when I just don’t have the time.



I have moved my training into a building cycle of 5 sets of 5 reps, with a longer rest period. This has really helped, and I have found my strength increasing really well. I have switched up the moves I do, and changed from barbell to dumbbells, and this has really helped too. Currently I have switched to dumbbell flat bench press, and really can’t wait to see my improvements on the barbell. This has always been a difficult area for me, but on this routine I’m finding my strength going up, and my size with it. I know the summer is never the best time to bulk, but I have no holiday this year, and with the British weather as bad as it is I don’t see the need to look totally defined right now, and will do a 4 week super cut in September ready for the final photo. Let’s just hope we have a nice September for when I decide to start cycling in the morning again!

So there you have it, the supplements I have chosen to aid my muscle gains! You could say this is the best kind of review on supplements because I don’t work for any supplement company, nor do I get paid in anyway! Therefore these supplements are ones I have picked because A) they work and B) they taste VERY good! Until next time, enjoy!

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