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Sometimes as a Lady I can imagine it would be a little off putting reading all of the menu offerings on health sites because the meals seem to be so, well, BIG! Therefore I wanted to put together a quick ‘all day’ eating guide which a lady can enjoy and follow as part of a healthy lifestyle. Sure, I am not pretty woman posing in a bikini telling you I ate XYZ and that is why I look so good, but you could say I have helped a few women get into better shape then they hoped for, so don’t worry I won’t feed you up too much!!!

Breakfast Time!

Get yourself a protein, pro-biotic, antioxidant, carbohydrate, healthy fat packed breakfast with the following dish which you can prepare in matter of a couple of minutes!

100ml Rachel’s low fat pro-biotic Rhubarb yogurt

30g blueberries

2 chopped strawberries

25g almonds

½ sliced banana

This is an ideal breakfast snack if you are in a bit of a rush. This is in a sense the perfect smoothie blend without blending it! If you hunger stretches further than the satisfaction this can offer, then may I suggest adding 35g of NO ADDED sugar Alpen or wheetabix?!

Between meals day time snack

OK ladies I know you tend to love your fruit, but I gave you plenty for breakfast so don’t be too hasty! A lot of fruit is too sugary to have during the day, so you may just have to cope with something else meanwhile, perhaps. Here is what I propose you eat between your meals or to fill a small gap during the day, before exercise in the evening!

2 Wholegrain Ryvita

 1 Philadelphia light (30g serving)

½ sliced apple



Salad with some sort of exotic dressing isn’t the way to a healthy lean and toned body ladies! Instead you need a balanced meal which offers nutritional value, enabling your body to sustain steady blood sugar levels and a fast metabolism. The following snack size meal should hit the spot come lunch time and it will also keep you on track!

120-150g chicken breast

200g baked sweet potato

Mixed salad

Cherry tomatoes

Ultra low calorie balsamic vinegar dressing


Before exercise

Getting in the right balance of nutrients before exercise is key for several reasons. One, you are energised therefore you will work harder and get more from your workout. Two, if your blood sugar levels are stabilised, as they would be if you eat a good snack before hand, then your body is more likely to burn body fat, and not lean muscle tone!  Approximately an hour and thirty minutes before your workout, eat the following!

Toasted wholemeal bagel

½ chopped banana

1 tablespoon of almond butter spread


After exercise

Ladies you need to replenish your nutrient levels after a solid workout, I know a lot of you don’t and whilst you may think by starving yourself after exercise you lose more fat, this certainly isn’t the case! So after you get down a CNP Pro-Ms shake which I strongly recommend for you, I would look to eat something like this!

1 kiwi fruit with a small glass of orange juice.

Super Supper!

Approximately 45 minutes after this make sure your evening meal is made up of the correct nutrients in order to enable your body to repair the damaged muscle tissue, and to also support your fat loss. An evening meal like this will suit!

120-150g of steamed salmon

50g steamed broccoli

½ chopped steamed carrot

½ chopped red onion

20g pine kernels

There you go ladies, a very easy to follow typical eating guide for the woman who wants a nice toned, curvey figure with a flat stomach! For sure, there are many other ways to eat and achieve the same goals, but it is this kind of eating plan which I have found to work wonders with the ladies who I have helped, and most importantly it is relatively nice and not too strict which I have found to be the perfect balance! Enjoy!


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