Do You Cheat?

Cheating during a diet is very demoralising and it usually leads to one of two things; complete discipline because of guilt, OR, a downward spiral! Considering there is a 50% chance it could lead you into a downward spiral the odds are way too high to leave to chance, therefore here are 4 top tips to limit the risks of cheating! These are based on real life situations and what you can do to combat the temptation!

Shopping in the supermarket –

Last Saturday I was walking down the aisles of Tesco getting my usual foods when I stumbled passed a few of my favourite treats! Crunchy nut clusters, Chocolate Hobnobs and Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream were just a few to name. Quite frankly the reason I have such discipline to block them out is because, well, you guys are watching me like a hawk so I cannot afford to slip up. However, in my younger days (there I go again, sound like an old git at 21!) I was easily tempted by these ‘naughties’, so I know what it feels like. What I would suggest is you eat a good solid healthy meal, with complex carbohydrates, protein and plenty of healthy fats before you shop. Feeling full will help suppress unbearable cravings, as where if you are hungry the only thing between you and picking up that delicious chocolate bar and bag of cookies is £2.67. . . . .So they tell me!

Post-Workout –

Damn you forgot to pack your post-workout shake; you just did 40 minutes on the weights and the same time on the treadmill. Man, you could eat a horse right now! The thought of driving for 15 minutes without anything to eat is sometimes unbearable here and for some reason the UK has a rather odd tradition of promoting ‘health and fitness’ and simultaneously selling chocolate in gyms!!! So by now you are starving, post-workout ‘shakeless’ and to top it off the only food available is chocolate! To avoid this, I would suggest doing this! Always, keep protein powder and protein bars in the car! IF you haven’t remembered to do this, grab some fruit from the gym or a local shop to help get your hunger out of your system until you get home. Pineapple, Kiwi fruit or berries should do the trick and the sweet taste should also curb your desire for chocolate!

Meal for two –

So your partner totally respects your diet and supports you, yet it doesn’t stop them from ordering something inappropriate! With that delicious meal sat no more than 20 inches away the smell is practically hypnotising you! What do you do in this situation? I would advise when you go out for a meal plan so that you can enjoy something you like! Chips and greasy gammon may be off the list, but what about lean steak and baked potato, loaded with lovely fresh veg? If you try and eat boiled cod on its own whilst your partner is eating beer battered cod and chips, I bet more than 80% of you would have a cheeky chip or two, so the important thing is to make the situation manageable!

Drive Through –

No word of a lie, just last night I was picking my girlfriend up from work and she decided she wanted a treat, and that so happened to be a drive through at MacDonald’s! By now you should know unlike a lot of other fitness individuals in this sector, I openly admit I would take on anybody in a chunk fest eating competition! Give me a free card to eat what I want for a day and the calories I ingest would be lethal, that’s just how I am!!! Obviously, not all the time mind you! So you can imagine sat next to the food window in Macdonald’s on a LOW carb day on my carb cycling pattern was not easy, so I had to have something! Situations like this are so funny, you genuinely try and pick the ‘healthiest’ option and bull yourself that it isn’t bad! As much as I wanted to, and I have had a lot of practice at doing that over the years, I wasn’t even going to consider cheating so I ordered a coffee with extra Splenda!! This may sound ridiculous, but the fact is my cravings started bouncing around because I wanted sweet and fast calories, and a sweet coffee gave me just that! So am I advising to go to Macdonald’s and order a coffee with Splenda? No, it isn’t smart to put yourself in that situation, BUT if you are through no fault of your own don’t even look at the ‘best food’ because there isn’t any and satisfy your cravings with a sweet coffee!

There you go guys, 4 real life situations and my weird and wonderful methods to cope with the strains of desire!

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