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Cardio exercise is just something 95% of us have to do in order to get lean and stay lean! There are the lucky few percent who just seem to fall into shape when they eat moderately healthy, I call these the ‘lucky gits’, probably because I am certainly not one of them! My body isn’t designed to be lean, it fights every step of the way but my cardio training keeps me progressing! However, I don’t know about you but I find cardio REALLY boring. This is weird because I love walking, I love to occasional jog, I love doing circuits, but when it is specifically to ‘fat burn’ I hate it! The one thing I have found is that by cycling my cardio training I began to enjoy it again, and this means using a plan where it is forever changing. Here is a cardio plan which I believe to be very effective, yet I also believe it is something you can and will enjoy opposed to continuous hours and hours of low impact cardio alone!

Before I explain the plan, I just need to verify something. Low impact cardio workouts such as power walking, slow cycling and the likes of are often regarded as the best way to burn body fat. The same can be said for high impact, which involves spending far less time exercising because it is very intense, things like sprinting, boxing and circuits are all good examples. However, what I like to do to keep things interesting is do a mix of both, to ensure I remain stimulated and more importantly my body has to keep guessing.

Monday –

AM: 15 minutes fasted bag work

PM: 45 Minutes fasted brisk walking

In the morning hitting the punch bag for 45 second bursts, and taking 15 seconds rest then continuing is a great way to start the day. High impact cardio really gets the heart rate up and this in turn will help stimulate your metabolism! In the morning your metabolism is running at its slowest rate, therefore it makes sense to use a cardio workout which will really pick up the pace! This way, your metabolism will be working harder for you throughout the day, hopefully burning more calories! Considering you have fasted for 8 hours, I believe it is a good idea to get that breakfast in as fast as possible. Therefore doing a shorter HIGH impact workout makes sense to me, because you are burning a similar rate of calories as a low impact workout, you are really ramping up your metabolism and this is all done in 15 minutes!

In the evening I think that low impact cardio is the way to go! After your pre-breakfast high impact workout and your resistance session in the evening your metabolism should be firing on all cylinders! Doing a low impact cardio session will help maintain high metabolic rate, and it will also decrease the chances of hyper muscle fatigue. High impact cardio can fatigue your muscles to an extent where they become vulnerable to catabolism and injury, therefore I never advocate doing too much of this! I would either do my low impact cardio right after weights or before my before bed protein shake!

Tuesday –

AM: 15 minutes fasted bag work

PM: 45 minutes fasted brisk walking

Wednesday –

AM: 15 minutes fasted 30M sprints (20 seconds rest between)

PM: 15 minute fasted bag work

Working on the basis that you hit the weights 2 days on and one day off, Wednesday is your day off! Therefore two short high impact cardio workouts shouldn’t over work your muscle fibres in this instance! Doing a short burst of bag work before you’re before bed shake will really help keep your metabolism firing throughout the night, burning calories 24 hours around the clock!

Thursday –

AM: 20 minutes fasted stairs running

PM: 45 minute cycle

Jogging is normally seen as a moderate impact workout, and quite rightly so. Therefore it isn’t necessarily great for fat burning because it is too aerobically intense, yet not anaerobically intense! However, jogging up stairs, walking back down, and then going back up in short bursts will soon turn into an anaerobic workout! If you aim to run up a flight of stairs 5 times without stopping, having 45 seconds rest and then doing another 5 and so on you will be huffing and puffing let me tell you! By the end of the 20 minutes your heart rate will be up, however, more importantly due to the small breaks it will have been moving through different thresholds which keeps the body guessing! Although the intensity of this workout is sickening, it is quite fun!

Cycling opposed to walking is simply there to keep you excited and not bored! Cycling is also great as the week progresses because you may feel a little achy, you may have developed blisters and your shins may be sore! Cycling takes the weight off your feet; however it firmly maintains the pressure and intensity on your fat stores!

Friday –

AM: 20 minutes fasted stairs running

PM: 45 minute cycle

Saturday –

AM: 20 minute fasted bag work

PM: Off

Sunday –

AM: 20 minutes fasted 30M sprints (20 seconds rest between)

PM: Off

On the weekend I think it is important to rest up and allow your body to recover. There is definitely such a thing as doing too much and I feel that if you don’t allow your body to rebuild the damaged muscle tissue, the aches and pains will grow into the coming weeks. As this progresses you will be far more likely to skip workouts because you feel worn down, knackered, sorry for yourself and just plain fed up! This is a very comprehensive cardio plan designed to maximise fat loss as well as keep your fitness levels high, and to make burning fat more fun for you!

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