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The fitness industry is kind of split into 2 seasons, ‘get ripped season’ and ‘pack on loads of mass season!’ However, as I have learnt more and more off various experts in the muscle and fitness industry I have found that with the correct approach and balancing act you can achieve both! By following the 5 simple steps 90% of people will be able to shed body fat whilst simultaneously building lean muscle tissue!


When you are looking to burn body fat AND build muscle it is of utmost importance your protein intake is at least 1.5g of per pound of body weight. This will enable your body to recover effectively whilst also enabling it to develop new muscle tissue. Protein also promotes fat loss as it helps stabilises your blood sugar levels!


Don’t starve your body of carbohydrates because you will run the risk of becoming catabolic! I would personally advise at least you first 3 meals of the day to contain a serving of low G.I carbohydrates, in the quantity of 1.5g per pound of body weight. By doing this you are fuelling your body with nutrients which help ensure your muscle glycogen levels remain full. If your muscle glycogen levels become depleted for too long your body will begin to break down muscle tissue! This is terrible news for you if you want to maintain and build muscle mass!

Train heavy and intense!

People will often tone down the weight they use and just ‘rep out’ when their primary aim is to burn fat. Don’t do this! If you want to build lean muscle tissue and burn body fat lift heavy as you possibly can with good form, don’t hold back! I always advocate at least 1 very high rep week every 3 weeks, especially when you want to maximise growth, recovery and fat loss! This is because of the results I have personally experienced using Yoda 3 Training, as well as seeing so many other people achieve great results!

Correct supplementation is key!

Burning body fat and building muscle at the same time is a balancing act! There are certain supplements which aren’t important, they are absolutely crucial! BCAAs, multi-blend protein, protein whey isolate blend, creatine, l-glutamine, l-carnitine and a multi-vitamin. These supplements help promote fat loss, but they also promote anabolism and prevent the onset of catabolism! Don’t worry about any water retention creatine may cause, because you can always come off it a week before the end of your transformation! Personally, I find creatine helps keep water inside the muscle, not under the skin which is great!

For your BCAAs and whey isolate protein I advise you use PhD's supplements! PhD Whey HT+ and their BCAAs are awesome!

For your multi-blend timed release protein and your multi vitamin I would recommend Gaspari Myofusion and Anavite.

For your creatine I would certainly recommend MST Cre-O2, you guys know how much I love this stuff!

On my transformation I have being using a L-carnitine supplement from Reflex and I have found it has worked wonders! Reflex also do an awesome L-glutamine!

Correct cardio!

For the purposes of fat loss and building muscle you need to be doing low impact cardio! This is probably the most effective form of cardio for promoting fat loss, and it is also the best way to maintain muscle tissue. If you were to do H.I.I.T I would suggest it will cause a degree of muscle loss. This is because your body adapts to its environment, and high impact cardio is very intense on the body. Therefore it will aim to shed weight it doesn’t need to make moving at high intensity easier! This is just my opinion, but I have to say I have experienced fantastic gains by sticking to low impact cardio and intense weight training!

There are 5 points you should aim to incorporate into a plan if you want to build lean muscle mass and shed body fat! Some say you can’t do both at the same time, I would beg to differ! If you are feeding your muscles enough nutrients to remain anabolic, and you are training intense enough then your muscles will be forced to grow!

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