''Am I carb sensitive?''

‘’Am I carbohydrate sensitive?’’ This is a very common question for a lot of people who struggle to lose body fat. If you are genuinely carb sensitive then it can be a nightmare for you to shed much body fat because your body doesn’t metabolise the carbohydrates you eat very well. You look bloated, you feel bloated and you can also suffer from bad water retention.

So, are you carb sensitive or not? There is no easy way to answer this question and in my opinion WAY too many people think they are carb sensitive when they are not! The only way to know if you are is to experiment with different diets over a period of time, stick with them to the end and evaluate the results. For example, I suggest trying a diet with a moderate level of carbohydrates for 12 weeks, cycling them and then decreasing the amount per day as you get closer to the end. For most people this works, however, if this doesn’t work for you it could indicate that you are perhaps a little carb sensitive! What I would say though, make sure the carbohydrates you eat are CLEAN and HEALTHY sources. It never ceases to amaze me what people perceive as ‘quality’! Eating a wholemeal BLT sandwich from Tesco’s isn’t a good idea, the level of saturated fats and sugar carbohydrates hidden inside will completely hinder your progress. Here are the carbohydrates I would say are ‘quality’ –

Sweet potato

Brown bread


Brown rice

Brown pasta

Baked potato

If you find that even with moderate levels of high quality carbohydrates there is no progress and you feel bloated then you could be forgiven for wanting to try something new. The Keto diet is often the alternative and I do believe it does have its place, AS LONG AS you have tried a balanced diet first! Remember, we are not promoting a ‘’diet’’ but instead a lifestyle change, so a diet which gets you ripped doesn’t necessarily equate to a diet you can live on all year round! Therefore, opposed to an ‘’all out’’ Keto diet I would advise a very low carb diet, with higher fats! Something like this –

(This is based on a 200lbs male athlete)

Breakfast – 50g oats, ½ banana, 50g frozen berries, 2 scoops of chocolate or Vanilla PhD Whey HT+

Mid-morning – 200g sweet potato, 150g chicken breast, 1 whole egg

Lunch – 180g chicken breast, 100g broccoli, and 2 chopped tomatoes, 1 tablespoon of almond butter.

Mid-afternoon – 200g white fish, 100g broccoli, 1 chopped carrot, 1 tablespoon of Udo’s Oil

Post-workout – 1 kiwi fruit, 2 scoops of PhD Whey HT+

Supper – 200g LEAN minced beef, 2 whole eggs, 100g broccoli, tin of LOW sugar tomatoes, 2 sliced mushrooms

Before bed – 2 scoops of Gaspari Myofusion and 1 tablespoon of almond butter




As you can see this isn’t a ‘’keto’’ diet because there are carbohydrates during different times of the day. However, I would suggest this diet is relatively healthy because you are getting your vitamins and minerals from fruit and veg, your healthy fats from eggs, nuts and oil and your proteins from lean meats and fish. The carbohydrates in meal 1 and 2 will help get your metabolism firing and they should also help fill your muscle glycogen levels to prevent catabolism. Personally, I feel this kind of diet is one you could follow all year round with a cheat meal per week as a reward. This should work for people who are carb sensitive but more than that, it should still offer them a healthy diet opposed to a diet designed just to get them ripped, potentially at the expense of their health.


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