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Adding lean muscle mass to your frame is doable, very doable in fact! What most people fail to realise is that they just need to apply certain principles and then stick to it! In regards to resistance training, there are umpteen ways to pack on muscle mass but in my opinion, there is one way which sits a cut above the rest! Variation! Y3T training applies the principles of variation, so here is a 3 way guide to packing on lean muscle mass like never before!

Week 1

Week 1 you are going to be doing low volume workouts. Low volume is notoriously intensive! The idea with this style of training is to target your muscle fibres with overload and force them to grow! For example, on biceps you would do 4 warm up sets which need to be challenging, and then you would take 2 minutes to prepare for your first working set. This working set needs to cause the muscle to fail at 8-10 and then you need to dig deep and grind out another 2-3 repetitions! Per exercise you would aim to do anywhere between 2-4 working sets, depending on the size of the muscle group you are training! During week one it is more important than ever to warm up thoroughly because you are about yo load your muscles with a serious amount of weight!

Week 2

In the second week you move away from high impact training into high volume training. This means after your warm up sets you will be doing 3-4 working sets per exercise with a slightly higher repetition range, in the region of 10-15. You will also be doing some isolation movements, opposed to just compound exercises. This way you are increasing the blood flow into the muscles, you are putting less stress on your joints and you are beginning to stimulate your CV system and slow twitch muscle fibres. Arguably, this will promote greater levels of fat loss!

Week 3

Week 3, oh boy, those words, ‘week 3’ just send shivers down my spine! This isn’t volume training as we know it, it is just bloody crazy! For your upper body the repetition range will go as high as 25 repetitions per set, as where your legs you could be going as high as 80! In the third week you could sometimes do drop sets, super sets and giant sets or just straight high rep sets! The idea behind using such a high repetitions is simple yet very clever! You are totally reducing the stress on your connective tissues and joints, which low rep training causes so much of. You are stimulating your slow twitch muscle fibres which can account for up to 50% of your overall muscle mass depending on your genetic make up! Furthermore, you are greatly increasing the level of blood going into the muscle tissue therefore the fascia will be forced to stretch, potentially increasing the room available to accommodate new muscle tissue. In regards to fat loss, the calorie expenditure this form of weight training stimulates is immense due to the intensity!

So what you have here is a very 3 dimensional approach to weight training! In order to stimulate the development of new muscle tissue it is vital that you attack your muscle fibres from all angles! It is also important that you enable your body to recover, and by cycling your training you are doing that! This is precisely why I use the Y3T style of training every week to maximise my muscle growth as well as my strength levels, not to mention decrease my body fat levels! If you want to be the ‘ultimate’ beach body athlete then I recommend Y3T!

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