Adam Gethin's Top 3 'Great Value' Protein Powders!

It is all very well choosing the ‘best rated’ or ‘highest quality’ protein supplement on the market but sometimes your budget won’t stretch no matter how badly you want it to! Everyone wants to drive a Ferrari, but not everyone can afford it! Therefore I have trawled through to hand pick the 3 ‘best value’ protein supplements available to you today! If you are on a budget, then I strongly advise that one of the 3 following supplements could be your best shot!

With the prices of whey driving through the roof, I believe any protein supplement offering around 2KG of quality protein for around £35 to be very good value, almost unbelievable in fact!

Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey Protein – 5.0lbs @ £35.99

Not so long ago I reviewed Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey Protein and declared it to be one of the very best protein products on the market, regardless of cost. Now take into account that it is priced at the very bottom of the pricing spectrum and you have yourself and unbelievable bargain here guys! This is one of the fastest digesting protein blends available on the market today, making it the perfect breakfast and post-workout choice of protein. Dymatize Nutrition are also noted for their taste and I have to second that, this product really does taste the business!!! If I was on a tight budget for protein, this would be the first thing in my basket on Follow the link below and grab yours now!

Reflex Instant Whey (late date) – 2.27KG @ £34.94

As I came across this price I almost had to do a double take, I couldn’t believe you could get probably the highest quality whey protein product on the market for UNDER £35! Reflex Instant Whey as you know is probably the best whey product available because Reflex voluntarily allow every batch of this product to be tested to prove that it is 80% protein! That in itself is incredible, when you think some other products are only around 50-60% protein! This is bargain of the century, so I would encourage you to get this whilst it lasts on the link below!

ProLab Pure Whey – 2.25KG @ £35.46

ProLab are a brand I recognise as ‘great value’ because I always remember them from when I started out! The price point of ProLab’s products have always been great and I find that their products are also fantastic quality! This is why I believe at a smudge over £35 for over 2KG of whey protein ProLab Pure Whey is a brilliant deal for you!!! Of course, you can get your with FREE next day delivery through the link below!

There you go guys, the official ‘Adam Gethin’s Top 3 Great Value Protein Powders’! As I have said in the past and a point I will always maintain is that I would NEVER advise you to use something I wouldn’t use myself or something I don’t highly rate!

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