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When I look over my food bill and the amount I spend on supplements I nearly pass out, there is no way around it, being an athlete is an expensive lifestyle! However, I always ground myself by contemplating the amount of money a lot of people I know ‘waste’ on drinking week in week out, and that doesn’t even get you results! Well, not the kind I am after anyway! The thing is though, I can tell you all day long why you should use this or take that, or eat this and not that. At the end of the day, unless you are 110% committed you wont. So what I have done is come up with my ‘value’ supplement stack for the summer, to get you looking ripped! If I was on a budget and I wanted some supplements, this is precisely what I would be using!

As your protein source, I would highly recommend Gaspari Myofusion as an overall supplement. It is loaded with quality fats to support fat loss, and it also contains a staggering 50g of blended protein per serving. This product is ideal before bed as well as through the day, in order to ensure your nitrogen retention is maintained and, to also ensure your blood sugar levels remain stable to optimise your fat loss. At just £38.46 for over 2.2KG, that is very good value for money compared to other makes, considering the quality as well! To me, this product is great value, yet it isn’t the cheapest and that’s a good thing, because if they are too cheap there is a reason!

On the subject of protein, in my opinion you do also need a fast digesting protein for your post-workout shake. Therefore you should take CNP Pro-Recover, because it is loaded with fast digesting protein AND fast digesting carbohydrates, which is vital post-workout. For just £24.99 you can get over 1.2KG, which is very good value for money! Many may say I am going over bored, saying even on a budget you need two proteins, I am telling you it is completely necessary! After breakfast, your post-workout shake is the most important meal of the day, so DO NOT skimp here!

Next I would strongly recommend a solid performing fat burner. Using a high quality fat burner will increase the rate of thermogenesis within yourself; therefore you should notice a reduction in your body fat levels! At just £25.99 for a generous 120 caps, Extreme Nutrition Lean R would be my choice, on a budget. This product has all the angles covered when it comes to attacking those stubborn fat cells!

Staying on the theme of fat loss, I would highly recommend a CLA product as well as an L-Carnitine product. The CLA will promote fat loss through improving your body’s ability to metabolise fats, whilst the L-Carnitine will act as a transportation system to fatty acids, getting them into the mitochondria where they are converted into useful energy sources. Reflex Nutrition do a great CLA product for just £16.26 and they also do a fantastic L-Carnitine product, which I use myself, for just £23.99.

To finish off, I would always strongly advise a quality multi-vitamin. Many people would say this is just a ‘Mickey Mouse’ kind of supplement, but let me tell you, a healthy athlete is a progressing athlete. If you are ill, run down or tired because your immune function is poor, you won’t progress! One thing is for certain, training hard WILL make your immune system suffer! Therefore you should use Inner Armour Multi-Armour, which is a top class multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. The cost of this is just £12.96!

This supplement stack will hold you together perfectly as you go through your transformation! The total cost of this is only £142.65 and when you compare that to 5-6 weeks worth of drinking, or eating out or eating takeaway food, you will see that this isn’t so bad after all! If you are investing the time and money in getting to the gym and eating right, it makes sense to make this investment as well, to take it to the next level! If you are feeling committed, I would also advise you get in PhD V-Max Pump into your order! This stuff blows my mind everytime I train, and for £32.99 I think it's great value!!!

The cost of this stack is just 1/2 of mine, so count yourself lucky!!! One thing I will promise, IF your food and training is up to scratch, the gains you notice will be amazing and you will never look back again!

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