Abzilla - To Do or Not To Do?

Developing a full on 6 pack takes a lot of dedication, time and knowledge! Eating correctly is probably the biggest part, followed by training and supplementation. However, training your abs properly is easier said than done, way too many people make the same mistakes on abs day! Here is a ‘fool proof’ guide to becoming abzilla!

DON’T do sit ups – sit ups don’t stimulate your abdominals effectively at the bottom or top of the repetition, and they can place immense levels of unnecessary stress on your lower back.

DO crunches - Crunches are much more effective because the shorter range of motion keeps the muscle contraction firmly on your abdominals! Crunches also really limit the stress on your lower back!


DON’T do thousands of crunches every session – believe it or not your abdominals are made of muscle, like your thighs, chest, arms and back! Do you do thousands of curls every week for your biceps? Hopefully not!!! The point is too many people over train their abdominals which is both unnecessary and counterproductive!

DO 6-9 working sets – for your abs, hit them with 6-9 working sets to failure with a repetition range anywhere between 12-20 per set! I would always advocate using resistance on your abdominal exercises to ensure you fail in this rep range and to help build the muscles in this area!


DON’T train your abs everyday – just like the above, you wouldn’t train any of your other muscle groups every day would you? Yet so many people train their abs everyday or nearly! This is bonkers because they will become over trained. Out of your entire body, it is your abs which probably get the most stimulated over any other muscle group even if you don’t isolate them! Why? Because nearly every exercise brings your abs into play. If you bicep curl, your abs will tense during that rep, if you squat they tense, if you do triceps pushdowns they will tense. Get the picture?

DO train your abs once or twice a week - one good abs workout a week, perhaps two is absolutely plenty!!! Using the rep range from above along with the amount of sets, your abs should be blitzed!


DON’T neglect your lower abdominals – a lot of people will associate training abs with doing LOADS of crunches. Crunches are great but they only tend to stimulate your upper abdominal region. It is your lower abdominal region which you really want to focus on!

DO leg movements – using abdominal exercises where you move your legs are very effective for hitting the lower portion of your abs! Hanging leg raises, lying leg raises, hanging knee raises and hanging body boards are great! These all engage your abdominals very effectively!

Hopefully you have been able to pick out some top tips of abdominal training here and perhaps realised some of the mistakes you have been making! Don’t get me wrong, I have made all of these mistakes in the past, and my abdominal development is by no means ‘godly’! However, this is often down to genetics, but since I have used proper abdominal training my mid section has certainly improved and so will yours!

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