5 Foods for Muscle Growth!

Gaining lean muscle mass is all about eating the right food, that is the first fundamental command you must adhere to in the ‘muscle building bible’! Of course, everybody is different, therefore different foods work better for different people. However, these are 5 foods which I recommend 95% of athletes need in their diet to really grow and gain lean muscle mass!

Lean Beef –

Lean cuts of beef are fantastic for promoting muscle growth! The fatty acids which beef is enriched with stimulate your natural testosterone levels; therefore your overall anabolic activity is enhanced. Beef is a slower digesting protein source due to the density of it and the fat content; therefore it is ideal for supplying a constant drip feed of essential muscle building amino acids to your muscles! Make sure to make your evening meal consist of lean beef and watch your muscles blossom!


Egg –

Yes, on documentaries you see ‘meat heads’ scoffing down 15 egg whites and 5 whole eggs for breakfast like a Dyson eats up dust. It is almost cliché, that eggs are part of a muscle building diet. However, there is a very good reason that they are regarded so highly among the health and fitness community. The amino acid profile in eggs optimise muscle growth almost like no other whole food. Again, like lean beef they are rich in quality fats as well, which is essential for promoting muscle growth. The reason athletes part egg yolks from egg whites is because there is also bad cholesterol in the yolk. Therefore as a rule of thumb you don’t want to ingest more than 3 whole eggs a day! However, with 3g of ultra high quality per egg white, and 9g per egg, this food makes for a blinding breakfast to kick start muscle growth for the day!


Pineapple –

People get so caught up with ‘loading’ their body’s with protein and carbohydrates that they overlook the ever important process of digestion! If your body is unable to digest the foods you are eating effectively, then you will struggle to gain. You will also constantly feel bloated and uncomfortable! Pineapple is naturally enriched with first class digestive enzymes therefore it is a must for anybody looking to gain muscle mass! In fact, it makes for a perfect breakfast food because the sugar content helps increase your insulin sensitivity, which is important first thing in the morning. Pineapple is also a perfect food post-workout!


Oats –

It is no secret carbohydrates with a low glycemic index are the best sort for building muscle tissue as well as promoting body fat. Oats certainly have a low G.I score; however they are also fantastic for promoting healthy digestion and maintaining a healthy blood pressure. As you will be eating plenty of red meat and whole eggs, ensuring your cardiac system remains healthy is of utmost importance! For sure, Oats provide a great calorie source to pack on lean muscle mass!


 Low Fat Cottage Cheese and Almond Butter –

Low fat cottage cheese may come as a bit of surprise to you; after all dairy food is ‘bad’ for us isn’t it? Well, no I wouldn’t say so at all! Of course, if you are dieting to lose body fat, you have to be strategic as to when you consume dairy foods. But when you are packing on lean muscle tissue, don’t be shy to have a healthy serving of low fat cottage cheese with a tablespoon of almond butter right before bed. Low fat cottage cheese is rich in casein, a slow digesting protein and it contains an array of fantastic amino acids. This will help ensure your muscles don’t go without during your sleep. The fats in the almond butter with slow down the digestion of the cottage cheese, prolonging the release of the nutrients. This is ideal when you are trying to maximise the time your muscles are fed for!!!


There are 5 foods which I would recommend just about everybody should have on their lean muscle gain diets! Of course, we all have our own preferences but I feel the nutritional content of these foods provide a solid foundation for you to make some sizeable gains! Now hit the supermarket aisles and eat up!!!

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