4 Ways to Be More Intense!

Are your intensity levels in the gym suffering? Maybe things have got a little stale and you just don’t seem to get much from your workouts. This can happen to the best of us so don’t worry, the important thing is to acknowledge it and do something about it! Here are 4 ways you can shake things up and increase your intensity in the gym!

Pre-workout meal

If you feel like you could fall asleep before you train the chances are the last meal you ate before training was not up to standards! Try eating this meal 2 hours before the gym and you should feel ready to rock!

200g white fish

½ chopped red pepper

½ chopped green pepper

½ chopped red onion

2 sliced mushrooms

1 sliced cooked tomato

300g baked sweet potato

The fish will provide you with a great cross section of fats, including omegas which are fantastic for energy and supporting your cardiac function. Fish is also a fast digesting protein; therefore it won’t sit in your stomach for too long. You don’t want food sat in your stomach whilst you’re training! The sweet potato is a great low G.I carbohydrate which will top up your energy and proved a sustained release of energy through your workout. The vegetables listed not only enhance the taste of the meal; they also contain antioxidants which should help you feel stronger and healthier!

Pre-workout formula

If you haven’t tried a pre-workout formula yet, I strongly suggest you do NOW! The first time I used one I felt like I was born a new man! The stimulants really pick you up and help get you focused before your workout which is crucial in order to get the most from your session! I would recommend PhD V-Max Pump, BSN No-Xplode AVPT, Gaspari Super Pump MAX or Anabolic Designs Stampede. I have used them all too great effect!






Team up!

Get yourself a consistent training partner! Training with a partner is so much for fun because you get to push each other, challenge each other and even have a bit of friendly competition. As long as you don’t sacrifice gains for egotistical reasons i.e. lifting more than your mate with terrible form, this can really take your intensity to a new level! Just make sure your tag team partner isn’t a chatter box!

Don’t be long

Training for a shorter period of time can enable you to train harder, and it will prevent you from falling off track during your session. If you find yourself training for over an hour, the chances are beyond this time you are feeling knackered and bored! Get your intensity levels up, train faster, train harder and get the hell ‘outta’ there!

There are 4 ways you can really take your intensity in the gym up a notch! If you find your training has become tired a fruitless, it may be time to try some of these tips!


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