3 'Taste Great' Protein Recipes!

MonsterSupplements gives you access to all of the highest quality, best tasting protein supplements on the market. The flavours available today are so tasty compared to just a few years back making it far less of a chore to drink a shake. However, when you diet for weeks on end as I am doing and as I am sure a lot of you are, you will ultimately get sick of the same taste! In this situation, your two options are buy several flavours and keep alternating as I sometimes do, OR, learn to make a protein smoothie with your protein powder to ramp up the ‘tastage’! Here are 3 recipes designed to take at specific times of the day with your protein shake, so you can enjoy a larger selection of flavours and textures without ANY compromise on performance or progress!

Breakfast Power Protein –

Breakfast time is such an important meal because your body is like a starved hyena; it soaks up everything within site! Therefore it is important what you give it to soak up is of the highest quality, so here is an awesome recipe to enjoy your protein supplement with when you get up!

2 scoops Vanilla Whey Isolate Protein (Adam’s Choice – Gaspari Intrapro)


50g oats

½ banana

30g blueberries

1 tablespoon of Manuka Honey

½ glass of water

½ glass of apple juice

This smoothie is loaded with quality protein and slow digesting carbohydrates as well as fast digesting carbohydrates which you want as you wake up to get your blood sugar levels and insulin levels on track for the day! The high quantity of antioxidants and vitamins are also a fantastic way to get your immune function nice and high to begin your day! The flavour, well, just try it and I think it will knock your socks off!!! Mmmmmm. . . . . .

Post-Workout Perk up Smoothie

Post-workout your body is ready to play ball and ingest levels of protein like no other time of the day! Therefore you want to milk this and get in a bunch of high quality nutrients so you can begin to recover, grow and continue burning body fat!

2-3 scoops Strawberry Whey Isolate Protein (Adam’s Choice – PhD Whey HT+)


2 strawberries

5 raspberries

1 kiwi fruit (without the skin)

½ banana

This shake is again loaded with high quality fast digesting protein, and you will notice that it may be wise to take in some extra protein here because of the ‘anabolic window’. Some don’t believe in this theory, to me it is pure common sense if you fatigue and deplete a muscle then it will be more susceptible to taking in nutrients. Again, I have witnessed first hand so many people grow by taking in more protein right after a workout than any other time of the day! The fruits provide the sugars necessary to stimulate an insulin spike, and the high vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels are also vital as part of the recovery process!

Pre-bed feast Smoothie

Before bed it is so important that you get the balance of nutrients right! Carbohydrates are not something you need at all, but you do need a lot of protein and fats. The protein source changes from the one you use for breakfast and after your workouts because you are about to fast for 8 hours! This smoothie tastes damn amazing yet it also gives you everything you need to promote maximal levels of recovery, growth and fat loss!

2 scoops Chocolate Multi-Blend Timed Release Protein (Adam’s Choice – CNP Pro-Peptide)


1 tablespoon of Almond Butter

1 teaspoon of Udo’s Choice Oil


This may not be bursting with several mouth tantalising flavours like the first two, but it does taste amazing when you have a nice crunchy almond butter mixed with a nice creamy chocolate powder! The fats in this smoothie play a huge role in promoting fat loss because they help suppress cravings in the night, slow down the rate at which calories are absorbed and they also help the body metabolise stored fat. The multi-blend timed release protein is essential here simply because it should feed your muscles for up to 6 hours opposed to 2-3 as a whey protein would! Enjoy guys!

There you go, 3 lovely simple recipes to make your protein powder taste and work better than ever! Once you get into the habit of making smoothies you will never look back, trust me!!!



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