3 Reasons Why Your Arms Won't Grow!

Genetics play a very large part on your rate of muscle growth and this can be further split down into muscle groups. For example, my back, arms and legs grow pretty well yet my chest doesn’t want to grow at all! However, although we are limited by genetics there are things we can do and avoid doing in order to maximise our own potential. Building a beach ready set of arms doesn’t come easy for everyone, and there are normally reasons why! Here are 3 main reasons I believe will be stopping you from building a rippling set pair of guns!


Arm training is notorious among gym bunnies for poor form, simply because the exercises for biceps in particular do allow for a lot of cheating if you choose to do so! Many times people will come up to me in the gym and ask what to do for arms. At this point I will just say join me for an arm session, and within 5 minutes it becomes very clear why they are getting nowhere! They are fixated with what weights they can lift and as a result they swing the weights, they only go half way down each rep and they probably get a better back workout than biceps workout! This is all because their choice of weight is too heavy for them! Don’t be a numpty; just use a weight which you can handle for 8-12 repetitions to failure, all the way down and all the way up to get a maximal contraction! On a good day when I am pumped (and full of carbs!) my arms will measure 18’’, yet I have no issues curling 10kg dumbbells on a drop set if that is all I can lift. Letting your ego get in the way is a false economy because you look like a right plonker swinging weights which are way too heavy for you, and you don’t grow!


Using the same arm routine week in week out just enables your body to get used to the stress! If it can cope with the workout then why will it grow? You need to use a full range of exercises, changing the routine most weeks to keep the muscles guessing and to ensure you hit all angles of your biceps and triceps! The outer head of the bicep is a very under trained area with a lot of athletes because they don’t do much close grip curling which is key to a great set of arms! With triceps, you have 3 heads to if you only ever use one or two angles how are you going to possibly achieve maximum muscle stimulation? Switch it up every week, use a different rep range, do very high reps every few weeks and just shock the muscles!

Over training

Look in the mirror; look at the size of your legs and then the size of your arms. Now tell me, honestly how many minutes each session do you spend on each muscle group? Logically, how can somebody justify spending an hour training arms and then 30 minutes on legs? Biceps and triceps are both very small muscle groups therefore train them accordingly. Spending 35-40 minutes training arms once a week is more than enough, just make sure the intensity is there and you should find they will GROW!

There are the 3 most common mistakes I find people make when they train arms, which prevent them from ever getting anywhere! Avoid making the same mistakes and you should be on the right track!

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