3 Reasons To Use Creatine!

Previously you will have read about the benefits of creatine and why a lot of athletes have begun to use it more often than ever today! However, among all the scientific explanations you can easily lose ‘real life’ perspective of exactly what a supplement can do for you! Here is a guide, pointing out the 3 MAIN benefits of supplementing creatine!

Benefit Number 1 Increased Endurance–

In your body you will have a certain quantity of naturally occurring creatine which your body gets from foods such as red meat and some white fish. The creatine us utilised by your body to help resynthesise the production of ATP, which is your primary energy system during anaerobic exercise. Unfortunately, on average your natural levels may only last for 8-10 seconds of a working set, meaning that for about 10-20 seconds of a set your ATP levels are depleted! By supplementing on creatine you can significantly increase your ATP production, thus leading to extra reps per set. Typically, your ATP replenishment takes up to 3 minutes, by supplementing on creatine this time can be decreased therefore your endurance levels increase naturally! Of course, over time this will inevitably equate to additional muscle growth!

Benefit Number 2 Increased Strength –

ATP is anaerobic energy system which is perfect for ‘power training’ such as weight training. By taking creatine to increase your overall ATP output your strength levels can increase dramatically. It is not uncommon for people to experience strength increases in the region of 20%! Add this to enhanced endurance in the gym and you have a recipe for smashing through plateaus!


Benefit Number 3 Cell Volumisation! –

Creatine is a ‘cell volumiser’ which means that it helps draw more water into the muscle cell. There are a few key benefits to this side effect of creatine use. Additional water in the muscle cell should equate to more nutrients been transported to the muscle cell, potentially increase the rate of nutrient uptake in the muscle cell. This is how creatine can stimulate faster rates of muscle recovery! Secondly, due to the increased level of water in the muscle, you will appear significantly fuller which is always a good thing if you like posing!!!

There you have 3 very good reasons to supplement on probably the best performance enhancing supplement you can buy!!! My personal choice is Millennium Sport Technologies Cre-O2 but I do also highly rate Gaspari SizeOn Max Performance and PhD Micronised Creatine from personal experience!





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