''15 Minute Workout'' Mini Series - Shoulders

Already we are into the third part of our ‘’15 Minute Workout’’ mini series and today we will be covering shoulders! Each muscle group has different needs, different things work better than others and with such a short space of time to train in, you MUST know what to do!

Shoulders are a relatively small muscle group and for a lot of people they can be fairly stubborn. In my personal opinion this is largely due to the fact they are used to handling a lot of weight, when you chest press your shoulder joints come into play. Therefore hitting them with heavy pressing won’t necessarily work very well! Higher repetition training is what I believe suits the shoulder muscle group the best because of the added blood flow this style of training stimulates. Here is your 15 minute shoulder busting workout!

Shoulders –

4 X dumbbell press for 15-20 repetitions

3 X side lateral dumbbell raises for 20-25 repetitions

3 X rear cable lateral raises for 20-25 repetitions

To get the blood pumping into the shoulder area keep the rest periods between the first exercise to just 30 seconds! This will cause a larger amount of blood to be pumped into the delts which is vital in order to stimulate growth! Added blood flow enhances the rate of muscle hypertrophy by stretching the fascia as well as loading the areas with nutrients! By the second exercise you will be burning, you will probably struggle to lift your arms in the air in fact! The bad news is exercise two requires you to do just that! Don’t just do straight sets with exercise two, instead, choose a weight where you fail at around 10-12 then do a drop set to get the remaining number of reps! The final exercise you need to do the same, using a drop set because your rear deltoid can be very stubborn and a much neglected muscle as well!

In instalments one and two I advised you use a quality pre-workout formula with my choice being PhD V-Max Pump. I also advised you use Berry De Mey Leucine in order to maximise the quality of muscle contraction you get.





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