''15 Minute Workout'' Mini Series - Legs!

Today we are going to complete our ‘’15 Minute Workout’’ mini series with a feature on legs! Convenience is a highly valued ‘’commodity’’ within today’s world which is why we wanted to show you how to improve your physique with just 15 minutes in the gym!

Leg training isn’t easy for the average person because to really break down the muscle fibres you have to PUSH! Your leg muscles are very strong and resilient and with just 15 minutes to cause maximum stimulation, there is only one way to go with this! HIGH REPS! Here is your 15 minute leg workout.

Legs –

Giant set 1:

Leg press for 60-80 repetitions

Leg extensions for 30 repetitions (fail at 10, have a rest for few seconds and go again!)

Squats for 30 repetitions (fail at 10, have a rest for few seconds and go again!)

Giant set 2:

Stiff leg dumbbell deadlifts for 40-50 repetitions

Leg curls for 30 repetitions (fail at 10, have a rest for few seconds and go again!)

Dumbbell lunges for 20+ repetitions


That concludes your 15 minute leg workout! This will certainly give you the worst DOMS you could have ever imagined in your legs for up to a week after this workout! If we were to just to repetitions of 10-12 for 15 minutes I doubt there would be enough muscle stimulation to break down the muscle fibres. This way, you can be sure you probably won’t have anything left in the tank even if you had 30 minutes to train!

This style of leg training will hit your slow twitch muscle fibres for 6, yet it will also help improve your aerobic capacity and cause a lot of calories to be used! Considering with legs in particular you need to warm up for a while, I believe with just 15 minutes to spare this is the best way to train because the high reps warm up the joints themselves! The weight you can handle using this kind of rep range will be a lot less than a low rep workout, decreasing the chances of injury!

So there you guys have it, a complete ‘’15 Minute Workout’’ guide to ensure even if you are REALLY tight on time you can still get a good workout done. Remember, it isn’t quantity it is the quality of your training that counts and by training with huge intensity you will get the job done!


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