''15 Minute Workout'' Mini Series - Chest!

In this modern world we live in time is often of the essence, therefore getting a quick workout done is all we can sometimes do! Training fast, for a short period of time is absolutely fine as long as you train with intensity! This is the first instalment of FitMag’s ‘’ 15 minute workout routines’’ starting with a chest routine! These are literally short articles showing you how to get your work done in a very short period of time!

To blitz your chest in 15 minutes you are going to have to sacrifice a degree of the weight you would normally lift. This is because when you lift heavy you need longer rest periods, and secondly, if you are in the gym for 15 minutes you do not have enough time to warm up properly to lift very heavy!

Here is your 15 minute chest routine!

3 X Superset Incline dumbbell press and Incline dumbbell flies for 15+ repetitions each

3 X decline smith machine press for 15-20 repetitions

Keep your rest periods between sets to 60 seconds, and make sure each set goes to absolute failure! Due to the short amount of time spent in the gym I cannot stress the importance of really forcing the muscle to failure. The reason the repetition ranges are higher than usual is because you are far less vulnerable to injury and this will also get your heart rate up faster, and more blood into the muscle to stimulate recovery as well as the stretching of the fascia! To really emphasise the effects of this workout you really need to make sure you are taking a quality pre-workout formula! This will enhance your intensity and the blood flow during this very short workout! My personal choice is PhD V-Max Pump! To get yours delivered for FREE tomorrow follow the link below!



This is a fantastic routine to get your chest done in 15 minutes if you are pressed for time, and it is also a great way to stimulate fat loss!

The next instalment will show you how to get your back workout done in 15 minutes, until then enjoy this workout guys!


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