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As our ‘’15 Minute Workout’’ mini series progresses today I wanted to share with you a fast workout routine for back! As we said in part 1, the world we live in today doesn’t always afford us much time if any at all, to get out training done. Therefore it pays to have a fast workout routine up your sleeve should the need arise! Here is a plan which will enable you to hit your back from every angle in just quarter of an hour!

Back training is all about gaining a maximum muscular contraction throughout the entire repetition, set, and workout! If your back isn’t contracted you are losing the potential to stimulate muscle development and fat loss! Therefore this fast back workout is geared towards keeping your back under maximum tension for the entire 15 minutes which will cause huge calorie expenditure and muscle break down, given the time!

Back –

3 X close grip pulldowns 15-20 repetitions

3 X standing straight arm pulldowns 10-15 repetitions

3 X seated cable rows 10-15 repetitions

This may just seem like a regular back workout, but there is a twist! With each and every repetition you NEED to keep the pace of your movement relatively slow and you always need to keep that back arched under tension! Each of these exercises are all prime ways to maintain the tension through 100% of the repetition. Certain exercises like a deadlift or barbell row don’t necessarily keep the muscle under tension for the entire repetition, and when you only have 15 minutes to get the job done, you need the muscle to work every second you are lifting!

As with part 1, I always advise you use a pre-workout supplement to take your session to that next level. When you are training for such a short period of time, a pre-workout supplement is a must because it will help get your heart rate up and the blood pumping faster than ever into your muscles! This will also aid fat loss. As you know, my personal choice having used a lot of these supplements is PhD V-Max PumP!



Whatever muscle group you train you always want to keep the muscle contracted, however I think with back it is more important to do so than with any other muscle group! Therefore I would also recommend using L-leucine to help enhance your overall muscle contraction! My personal choice would have to be from the Berry De Mey range simply because the quality is almost unmatched, and with a legend behind the formulas you know it will work!





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