''15 Minute Workout'' Mini Series - Arms!

In the fourth part of our ‘’15 Minute Workout’’ mini series we are going to cover arm training! If I am short on time arms are a particularly great muscle group to blitz in a relatively short period of time. All it takes is intensity, short rest periods, lots of repetitions and constant muscle contractions!

Training your biceps and triceps together is something I like to do a lot! Some people don’t and some do, personally I think it works wonders! Am I slightly biased because my arms look 10 times as big when I train biceps and triceps together? Probably! Here then is my 15 minute arm workout to have you pumped to the max!

Arms –

Superset 1

3 X alternating dumbbell curls & triceps pushdowns for 15-20 repetitions each

Superset 2

3 X close grip barbell curls & overhead rope extensions for 10-15 repetitions each

Superset 3

1 X barbell 21s & close grip weighted dips to failure


This workout is brutal because to get this done in 15 minutes you are going to have to keep rest periods to absolutely minimum! However, it is doable and in all honesty a lot of my arm workouts look like this! In fact, it is very rare for me to spend much longer than this training arms! As you can see this is all about loading your biceps and triceps with nutrient rich blood! The higher repetitions are also there to protect your joints bearing in mind you don’t have much time at all to warm the joints up!

As I say at the end of each instalment on this series I cannot emphasise enough to you how much supplements will help! If you are short on time then you need supplements more than ever to really make each second count! We have mentioned the importance of PhD V-Max Pump, a first class pre-workout supplement. We have also said that Berry De Mey Leucine and Grenade fat burners are also important; however there is another addition to the team!







MST Cre-O2! ‘’Oh, what a surprise, Adam is going about that AGAIN!’’ Well I have good reason to my friend! You know when you use a supplement which genuinely changes the way you are able to train forever, and you don’t stop telling your mates in the gym to try it? Well this is the case for me with Cre-O2, this stuff is ridiculously good! If you are going to maximise your pump when you train arms, use heavier weights with the higher repetitions then you absolutely NEED this supplement!




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