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Have you ever fancied writing articles to share your knowledge, experiences and opinions? Well on FitMag you have that very opportunity! Since the birth of FitMag, the UK’s number site for nutrition, supplementation and training advice we have received fantastic feedback! Therefore we want you to join the team and have the opportunity to show our readers what you know!

                What is in it for you? With a massive audience, it is ideal for improving your profile in the health and fitness industry! However, we will also gift you a 10% discount on ALL orders on Monstersupplements.com! More than that, every month we will be holding an ‘article of the month’ competition where the winner will receive a FREE tub of protein. Above all this, you have the satisfaction of people contacting you and thanking you for the advice which has helped them change their life! This very thing happened to myself on many occasions in the past and it is very humbling! As the site progresses even further, so will our prizes so you never know what you may get in the future. One thing is for sure, you have to be ‘in it to win it’ and that means writing articles!

                So what can you write about? The team at Monstersupplements.com have all experienced the benefits of resistance training, cardio training, nutrition and supplementation and this is what we aim to promote. We aim to create a diverse online resource where people from any background can apply the principles we promote to aid their performance in their chosen sport. They may be a long distance runner, a fitness model, footballer or even a boxer. We are not only focussing on bodybuilding, but instead showing how following the same kind of discipline as a bodybuilder can benefit you! There are so many people out there who pour their heart and sole into what they do, yet their results are mediocre to say the least! This is why we want to educate them on correct eating habits, correct supplement usage and proper training protocol! So now you can see we need a diverse cross-section of writers who bodybuild, play rugby, football, golf, Box, run marathons and everything else in between!

                To draw a conclusion, the mission is to educate people on the best way to maximise their progress and get to their goals whatever they may be! With our help they can get there so much quicker! You don’t have to have written before, just put down your experiences, knowledge and opinions in an article! As the Editor of FitMag, I look forward to reading all of this content off you guys!

Adam Gethin – Digital Editor of FitMag

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