What is 6-Bromo?

Athletes who are serious about their progress should consider using 6-Bromo. This formula is a fantastic estrogenic inhibitor which will result in many advantages for you as the consumer. Any avid athlete understands just how important it is to gain control over their estrogen levels. Discover exactly what 6-Bromo can do for you and why this is so important!

To begin with, high estrogen levels are very detrimental to athletes and can slap a limiter on your progress. As an athlete who has high testosterone levels you are potentially susceptible to higher estrogen levels due to the process of homeostasis which is the body’s way of maintaining the same ratio of hormones within the body. Therefore if you elevate your natural testosterone levels your body will also do so with your estrogen levels. This occurs through a process known as aromatization, where valuable muscle building, strength boosting testosterone is converted into the catabolic hormone, estrogen.

The side affects to elevated estrogen levels are not very good at all. Estrogen in high quantities can make you look soft and smooth; as it increases your water retention dramatically. Furthermore, it can in fact make you gain body fat which again has a negative effect on your aesthetics. Extreme levels of estrogen which can occur following the use of aromatizing pro-hormones can in fact cause Gynocomastia which again is much undesired from a health and aesthetic point of view. It doesn’t look very nice and it can also potentially cause certain health issues for you in the future!

6-Bromo is then an excellent supplement to use when looking to suppress your estrogen levels by inhibiting the process of aromatization. 6-Bromo is able to do this as it attaches itself to the aromatize enzyme. As a result the process of aromatization is inhibited and your estrogenic side effects decrease. Not only is this good because you won’t experience estrogenic side affects, you will also enjoy higher ‘free testosterone’ levels. This is the difference between your testosterone and estrogen levels, which ultimately determines just how anabolic you are. Therefore by using 6-Bromo not only do you gain the added advantage of suppressed estrogen levels, you can also expect to experience an anabolic effect which will lead to muscle growth, strength increase and even fat loss.

There you have a brief description of what 6-Bromo can do for you, why you should be using it and how it is actually able to affect your body. Be sure to try 6-Bromo, especially if you are using pro-hormones!

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